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LectureNotes - How-to synchronize files in EN

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Hello everyone,



Don't know if somebody will be able to help me with my issue but I hope you will....I have a Galaxy Note 3 (Android 4.3) and a Galaxy Note 10.1 (Tablet on Android 4.2.1). I use LectureNotes instead of S-Notes because it is way more flexible for me. Now, there is an Export Command to Evernote in LectureNotes but not an Import command . I know in which folder to import back my files but is there a utility that could take the file from Evernote and put it back in the Folder of my choice? I want to avoid using DropBox or any other Cloud base apps to do it.



Any ideas on how to do it are welcome!



Thank you in advance



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You would think there would be a way to save a file from the Android app to a folder on the device but just tested it and there doesn't seem to be!!!


If the tablet/phone knows what to do with the file then it will let you "open" or "view" it but not "save" it......if the tablet/phone doesn't know what to do with a file then it doesn't seem to let you do anything with it.


I'm would be interested in this working as I was going to attach a database file to a note so I could import it into an app - similar to what you're doing........don't think it will work...


Using another scenario if you attached a .psd file to a note and then wanted to email that file to a client you couldn't download it from the note and attach it to the email, you could share it but that doesn't help you with your scenario.....

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Thank You Jon-T for your response...E-Mailing back and forth works fine but I have to copy the files manually in the right folder. Having a tool that could synchronize automatically from one Android unit to the other would be awesome.


Still trying to find one

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You may be able to accomplish it with using a service like Dropbox/Google Drive and the app Foldersync. Off the top of my head it would work like:


Create a master folder on dropbox or google drive.

Set up foldersync to sync both your Android devices lecture notes folder to your master folder both ways.


In theory whichever device you use should sync up to the repository and then back down again.....


I would backup before trying this though :)



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Not really following the discussion here,  but that never stopped me commenting before..


If it's a question of putting emails + attachments into the right folder,  why not use Evernote in the same way that @Jon-t suggested above?  Emails can be sent to a specific folder and will include attachments;  use Email for export,  and Evernote as the central 'server' that will sync back to your devices.


If you want to keep everything out of the cloud though,  you're going to have to resort to sneaker-nets and thumbdrives.

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I'm a bit late to comment here and I don't really have a solution for you, but I think I can point you in the right direction.

Over at the Note 10.1 forum on XDA Developers(link below), there is a massive thread about Lecture Notes with a lot of ground already covered.  Most importantly, it's still very active, with the developers of LN constantly answering questions, giving feedback, and taking suggestions.

If there's an answer to your question, then you'll be able to get it there.




Also, you  have a Note 10.1 running 4.2???  Did you flash a non-stock ROM?  If so, how much of the S-pen functionality did that lose you?  Does it still register pressure sensitivity and know when it's the pen or your hand?

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