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  1. That's a good way of looking at it and I do have the tags for 2013 nested under "2013" but don't apply the tag as there's no need to see all receipts for a whole year. I used to have an expenses notebook but have recently tried to keep notebooks to a minimum and use tags and search more. Its also easy to go month by month when putting things together for the accountant.
  2. I tend to try and think of a tag as a type of folder. EG. I store my expenses in EN so to add a receipt in a normal hierarchical system I would need to open : Expenses --> 2013 --> September Instead I have a main Archive notebook that holds everything and just tag the receipt September 2013. If I want to view all expenses for that month I can just click on the tag. One point - not sure if its the same on the desktop clients, but in the web interface you can nest tags many levels deep, not sure if this is a new feature but only noticed it recently.
  3. Yeah, the editor is not really designed for productivity at all! I just had a nightmare trying to take notes during a phone call with a prospective customer. Each time I clicked on New Note and blank note would appear but when I clicked on the body to edit it would revert back to the note at the top of the list!! Did this a few times and then finally got a window I could type into - a bit later when Iooked at it I'd got 6 untitled notes lol.......really need it to be quick and easy....
  4. Yup, bit of a pain that the print button is missed off the new design...hope they remember to slot it back in. If you right click on the note title in the snippets or list pane then there's a print option
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