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  1. I had the same exact issue but with this build: Evernote version is: (306729) Public Build: ce-1.39.4193 I opened a ticket with the support Team and they are aware of this issue. Proposed solution was to revert back to version Evernote Support said that this issue is scheduled to be resolved on Windows Desktop version 6.10. Hope this helps!
  2. You can find it in the Google Play Store description, for the latest release (Here's a copy): What's NewImprovements- Notebook Picker shows most recent notebooks for quick access- Premium feature: Hide and show homescreen items- Add a summary page to PDFs containing mark up- Improved Page Camera for better recognition and performance Anybody that can help on this would sure also help me understand it!
  3. Thank You Jon-T for your response...E-Mailing back and forth works fine but I have to copy the files manually in the right folder. Having a tool that could synchronize automatically from one Android unit to the other would be awesome. Still trying to find one
  4. Hello everyone, Don't know if somebody will be able to help me with my issue but I hope you will....I have a Galaxy Note 3 (Android 4.3) and a Galaxy Note 10.1 (Tablet on Android 4.2.1). I use LectureNotes instead of S-Notes because it is way more flexible for me. Now, there is an Export Command to Evernote in LectureNotes but not an Import command . I know in which folder to import back my files but is there a utility that could take the file from Evernote and put it back in the Folder of my choice? I want to avoid using DropBox or any other Cloud base apps to do it. Any ideas on how to do it are welcome! Thank you in advance
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