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How do I backup and restore my Evernotes from my Macbook Pro or iPhone?

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How can I backup and restore my Evernote data if it's ever lost?


Only been using Evernote a few weeks, but love it so far. Been thinking of ways to use a shared notebook with others that I work with online, but I'm a little worried about what would happen if a member of our shared notebook starts deleting stuff from it one day.


Is there a easy way to backup and restore my Evernote data?



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Well now I'm starting to feel foolish, lol...


I just click on the export file I saved to my HD and it opened up in EN with a pop up message that reads, 



Your notes have been placed into a local notebook named 'Import My Notes_all'.  The total size of the imported notes is 14.6 MB and you have 999.8 MB of unused quota remaining.

Would you like these notes placed into a synchronized notebook?


How amazing is that!

And It seems all my EN data is there including photos, locations and other attachments, wow!


I did not want to get to carried away using EN until I found out for sure that I could keep a backup copy of the data myself and restore it if necessary. 

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Ok, so I see now how to import and export notes.

Does exporting notes save all your EN data then including photos, locations and other attached files?

Is EN already storing all the data I add to it in a file on my Macbook?


Exporting/importing is not the same as backing up/restoring. For one thing, importing & then syncing will go against your upload limit. Which means if you used EN for several months & then moved to another computer & imported your 8 gig database from the old computer, you would not be able to sync everything. Please search the board on backup/restore.

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Indeed, iCloud provides easy way to backup iPhone.Go to Settings>iCloud and then scroll down to Backup.Here you can turn backups on and initiate a new backup immediately.  If this is your first iCloud backup it might take a while to complete.  Once the backup is complete, though, your iPhone will automatically backup when idle for an extended period of time and on an active wi-fi network. Of course, it is also simple to restore from iCloud after resetting your phone and choose "backup from iCloud".
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Your best protection is to do your own backups -- do NOT rely on Evernote.


I recommend using a local backup system like Time Machine for EN Mac, for ease of restore, and on online system like CrashPlan for catastrophic protection.


Here is a comprehensive Mac Backup strategy provided by long-time Evernote user/ guru and Forum member GrumpyMonkey (AKA Christopher Mayo).


While export to ENEX files is often referred to as a "backup" for Evernote, I don't consider it a 1st Tier, or primary, backup because it does NOT include all data about your Notes.


One issue with ENEX export/import that everyone should be aware of is that you will lose information in this process:

  1. All Note Links to any of the Notes in the ENEX are broken, lost, and will have to be recreated.
  2. The ENEX files do not contain any Notebook data.
  3. When you Import the ENEX file, the Note Created Date is lost, and set to the current date/time.
  4. To preserve Tags in the ENEX files, you must check the checkbox to include Tags during both the export and import process
  5. Tag hierarchy is not preserved.  If you had one, it will need to be recreated after the import process
  6. If the ENEX files came from Sync'd Notebooks,
    1. the Sync'd NB will have to be recreated, and the import of the ENEX Notes moved into the appropriate NB.
    2. Moving these Notes into Sync'd NBs will go against your monthly upload allowance


REF:  How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks


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