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  1. As far as I know, non-Apple apps on iOS are only able to access Camera Roll and Photo Stream. Any photos that are in albums are not accessible by non-Apple apps. If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, synchronized photos through iTunes, then the photos are somewhere on your computer. Syncing them to the phone does not delete them, so they should still be on your computer.
  2. Indeed, iCloud provides easy way to backup iPhone.Go to Settings>iCloud and then scroll down to Backup.Here you can turn backups on and initiate a new backup immediately. If this is your first iCloud backup it might take a while to complete. Once the backup is complete, though, your iPhone will automatically backup when idle for an extended period of time and on an active wi-fi network. Of course, it is also simple to restore from iCloud after resetting your phone and choose "backup from iCloud".
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