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(Archived) Updated app and lost all notes


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When I log in on my PC the notes are there, but they are not on my iphone, even after a sync.

Did you log in using the web client, as suggested? That's the only way to tell whether the notes were synced to the Evernote servers from your PC. If they never make it to the Evernote servers, they'll never make it to your iPhone. If they do make it to the Evernote servers, then that will confirm that the problem is between your iPhone and the servers (which does seem likely). You may also want to open a support request (they'll probably tell you to uninstall / reinstall as well).

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The notes were created on the phone, so if they are on the PC now, they made it to the server.

They just are not on the phone any more.

If they made it to the PC, they may have been synced there, at one time, but now perhaps the PC is not syncing correctly any more and they're missing from the server and there fore missing on your iPhone. Checking the server via the web client should tell you what the situation is. And open a support request.

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They are for sure on the server because they are on 2 different PC's.

-One that had never accessed Evernote before.

Is there a way to "push" the notes to the phone?

This simply proves the notes were on the EN servers at one point in time. It does not prove they are on the EN servers now. There is no way to sync device to device which is why you need to log into the web client & see if the notes exist on the EN servers now.

Additionally, I don't know how notes created on your phone could exist on a PC that has "never accessed Evernote before". That would tend to indicate the notes were created on the PC.

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