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(Archived) EN5: You can't add a source-URL to a note that contains only a skitch-drawing

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Good catches - anyone report this via Evernote Support?  I doubt it's a reasoned omission.  


Workarounds until it's fixed:

1) Save your snap/ drawing to desktop and drag/ drop to a note;  add the required details.  (You can even re-snap existing notes)

2) Edit the existing note and add the text

3) Create a new note and merge notes (not tried this one,  but it sounds possible..)


There are probably more...

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This is a result of the way that Third party apps work with Evernote and the API.

There is a field that an app can set called "ContentClass" which allows an app to say "This note is from my app"

This means that other apps will not be able to edit anything in the note. In theory it allows app developers a way of ensuring that you can continue to use the notes within the third party app.

In the case of Skitch, this is how Skitch/Evernote knows it is a skitch note and how you can return to skitch to edit the image further.

By editing the note you would lose this info.

There was a point in which the Evernote client was updated to work with skitch a little better and change the title. Not sure about other fields. I believe that this is gone now in V5.

If you don't wnt the skitch integration anymore, and want to adjust the other stuff, you can merge the note with another.



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Looks like merging is the best option - once you have done with editing the picture;  although when I right-click a non-Skitch image in Evernote  I get the option to mark it up in Skitch,  or I can use 'open with' and send it to my preferred image editor...

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