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  1. Alino. I can imagine it's a bit frustrating but you need to select your notebook first! It's the same as if you were to write the search manually, you must start with the notebook first to identify the scope of your search, e.g. notebook:Personal tag:Birthdays. If you tried it vice versa, your search would return nothing e.g. tag:Birthdays notebook:Personal. The same applies for clicking the tags/notebooks manually. It expects the notebook first. I'm also using Evernote 5 on Windows.
  2. We're about to go live with Evernote Business within our company and on the question of pricing, I was asked the question: "Why do we need to pay for everyone to be Business users if we can just have free users that share the business notebooks?" Apart from user functionality and not seeing many employee's going over 60mb. I couldn't think of a decent answer. Can anyone give me the pro's/con's of doing this. For those employee's we think will go over the 60mb limit will become business users, the remainder being free users that join the business notebook. Thanks.
  3. For those reading this topic and thinking Evernote have rubbish support. I've been using Evernote Business for a while and the support is probably the best I've ever experienced so far. The speed at which they are able to reply and resolve issues, one of which being a problem in my registry, was excellent. The ticket was passed through the support levels as expected and resolved quickly (within 48hrs). So please don't be perturbed by this thread.
  4. Is it possible to use the any: modifier on notebooks/stacks? I am able to get it working on most types of data but it doesn't seem to care for notebooks/stacks. I need to be able to query across multiple stacks or notebooks if I have to. An example is: any:notebook:Development notebook:HelpdeskThis is on both Windows 5.0.2 and web version. I've also noticed the web version simply doesn't like the "any:" modifier being typed in. I can see you can manually click and add the "any:" filter on the web version (which works) but I prefer to type than click. Can someone let me know if: I'm doing something wrong These are intentional These are bugsThanks.
  5. Noticed this the other day as well. Appears to be the same for the other metadata: URLLocationAuthorWould be interesting to know if this is for a reason or just an oversight.
  6. Hello. I had gone and nicely setup a shared notebook where users who I don't want direct write access to the business notebooks can add notes. Each note is tagged with either !Review or !WIP (Work in progress). Any tagged with !Review are checked and then moved to the business notebook for the company to see. However, the users i've added can see the tags !Review and !WIP as options to add to the note. When they select one, it just disappears straight away. They are on version 5.0.2 and running the windows desktop version. This does however work on the web version. Is there any way I can get updates on bug progress or to see if it's been raised in the first place as this is a fairly important problem for us. If anyone has another alternative solution, it'd be greatly appreciated (multiple notebooks for Review and WIP instead of tags?). Thanks.
  7. Hi jefito. I've just come across this when trying to perform a search today. Do you have any ideas on how I can get around this? My example is that I was searching for some specific SQL keywords and couldn't remember it's entire name (sp_msforeachdb). Therefore I was just searching for (foreachdb). The latter producing no results as it wasn't the what the word starts with. Luckily my tags are fairly comprehensive so I could narrow it down to then manually find the note I was looking for. If Evernote has been designed to not search in such a way. How do they perceive users to perform these searches (Contains rather then Starts With) as I can foresee this happening quite often. Allowing for the potential of users making duplicate notes on the topic thinking that one doesn't already exist. I'm a new user to Evernote so apologies if I miss something obvious! However, I can see why they're doing this as it's likely to do with the way these words are indexed to allow for quick searching. Thanks.
  8. Hello. Our company has very recently started using Evernote Business and primarily on a Windows OS (Windows 7). Very happy with it so far but I have a suggestion or maybe someone could point me in the direction of a possible workaround (I have tried searching the forum but couldn't find a similar topic). When performing a search, it would be helpful if the search could automatically suggest some of our tags to us. For example, here are a few tags we have: @SQL @C# @XAML I also have other notes with different prefixes along the lines of / . : # all that denote different areas of specificity to the note (e.g. @ refers to the area of programming). The problem with not having suggestions is that it relies on the users to know the tags beforehand when searching. I can see that there is a "Recent Searches" list that appears but that does not necessarily provide me with that I need. However, when you add a tag to a note, it does exactly what I'm after. For example, as soon as I hit the character / it displays the relevant tags for me as suggestions: The note search knows what I'm looking for as I have to type tag: or notebook: so it can gather the suggested items to show if the user inputs the relevant query commands. Any comments would be grateful. Thanks, James.
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