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(Archived) Welcome back v4.6.3.8096


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Now that I managed to find a pre v5.0 version, I've decided I'm never going to complain about Evernote again   :)


Here's the link:




You're redirected to FileHippo. I checked the file using Symantec Endpoint Protection and MalwareBytes.


The general warning here is: don't accept every auto update. I've had some disasters with Firefox, and was unable to find a previous version. 


The update cycle should be:  accept 2-3 updates, then save the EXE file. Then accept the next 2-3 updates, and so on.


Question:  Why did I not have a recent pre v5.0 version?  Answer:  I stopped doing that with Evernote about 3 years ago, because the auto updates never had any problems. I forgot that developers might try to copy the disgusting Windows 8 look-and-feel.


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Maybe we can start a Reverters group. Hehe


There are a lot of other users who have expressed similar desires to go back.


Due to past Evernote upgrade problems, I sit on the sidelines for a couple months before accepting the upgrade. This gives me a chance to see if the problems unearthed by the early installers get resolved.


The 5.0.2 GA public version (non-Beta) was released at the beginning of this month. So I added a reminder in Google Keep to upgrade Evernote in December (if current issues get resolved). If not, I'll stay with 4.7 until they are fixed.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for that link! Dear god I don't understand why companies think this new look and feel is better. It's a step BACK 10 years in UI look and feel! I've never been a big Apple fan but I do love the iPad. Now, because of IOS7, I'll never buy another again. And if Evernote continues down the same path, I will not be renewing my paid subscription.


Evernote should be ashamed of what they've done to the UI, allowing themselves to buckle to peer pressure from Apple and Microsoft for this horrible, horrible UI change!

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