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  1. I downloaded version 6.6.4. It seems to be working fine. Any new note, or opened note, is in "active" mode immediately. So I don't need to kick-start it by clicking and prodding a few times. Thanks for that suggestion. It saved me a lot of possible experimentation ?
  2. I respectfully suggest that you mean, which is in the list of previous versions here: https://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history/ I would be grateful if you could check whether a new window needs several clicks before it becomes "activated" so that you can see text being entered. See this post: Thanks.
  3. I have EN version 6.11.2, on Win 10 Pro. Question 1: What is the earliest version of Evernote that would be supported by EN support - or even by the generous volunteers on this forum? On my old external backups, I can see Evernote_5.5.3.4236 Question 2: What is the earliest verion of Evernote that would still be compatible with my current database? In other words, if I connect an old version of EN to my current database, will something explode? Objective: I want to step backwards through my old versions until I find a version that does not have the following bug - which
  4. This bug has already been reported at least twice previously: The following post refers to yet another post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113093-cant-edit-note-on-first-click/ Thanks.
  5. So, you should be able to restore it from your backups. But in the meantime, it might be a good idea to do nothing until one of the expert volunteers arrives. BTW: Many years ago, I taught myself never to leave text highlighted while doing something else. Use left arrow or right arrow to place the cursor at the start/finish of the highlight ready for your next action (if any).
  6. You don't need to do a manual comparison. Beyond Compare will compare the two folders in milliseconds, and highlight the changes. I'm too poor to be able to afford paid software, but I made an exception for BC after a comparison with the free WinMerge (which I thought was a good program). It cost me £30 about 15 years ago, and I've never updated. I use it several times a week, because my computers make lots of mistakes.
  7. I said in an earlier post: This is ambiguous. Sorry about that. The statement should have referred only to Sandboxie. So the correct statement is: Within Sandboxie, you can configure which files are allowed to access the internet: All files. No files. A list of files (whitelist), which would include "Evernote".
  8. The Sandboxie developers didn't say "no" to my suggestion. But they didn't say "yes" either: https://forums.sandboxie.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=25754 The important thing is that they didn't disagree with my description of how a sandbox handles files, and that the user has complete control over which files are allowed out of the sandbox (which of course is the whole purpose of any sandbox). If no files are allowed out of the sandbox, then the only communication between a sandbox and a laptop is synching via the internet - exactly the same as between a smart phone and a
  9. Just one more thing.... (Columbo). Before posting on the Sandboxie forum, I tried running one non-Sandboxed EN and one SB EN. (After backing up my database.), I tried various combinations of the following tests. To speed things up, I used manual synch in the window being edited, followed by a manual synch in the other (SB) window. So I've exceeded my free monthly allowance for the first time. Each synch is an upload ? Create new note on non-SB Create new note on SB Edit a note on SB Edit the same note on non-SB
  10. I haven't tried to run a non-Sandboxie session and a Sandboxie session simultaneously. But AFAIK, there's no danger if the user does not actually change anything in the SB instance. AFAIK, here's how the process works. The non-SB EN uses all the normal files. When the SB EN starts life, all the current non-SB files are copied within the SB. After that, the files lead independent lives. If the user does not cause any files to be changed within the SB, the SB session can be closed at any time with no effect on the non-SB files. Assume that the user causes some files to
  11. I think you can open a second instance inside the free Sandboxie. The two instances are independent - unless you deliberately choose to allow them to communicate. https://www.sandboxie.com/
  12. Based on DTLow's response, the net results of the complete series of operations can be expressed as follows: Zero ? I suspected that. But the only way to have proved it without wrecking my database, would have been to have opened a new account under a different email address.
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