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  1. See the thread of your orignal post http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43664-just-went-back-to-old-version-hated-502s-cards/#entry232385 There are later updates pre V5 links ... and some more like minded sentiments since. Maybe we can start a Reverters group. Hehe
  2. Hi @jefito, Are you saying that someone on the fourms might have a v4 file that they can email me? Or is there a list of older versions on the forum somewhere? Hippo wouldn't download for me. I got mine from filehorse - this is the last of the 4 version http://dl.filehorse.com/win/office-and-business-tools/evernote/Evernote- But the whole list is here... http://www.filehorse.com/download-evernote/13802/old-versions/. It was really straight forward - uninstall 5, install 4. Quick and without a hitch. Happy now.
  3. Funny how you don't notice how important something is until it's gone, but since I reverted back and become conscious of it, I really see thumbnail view is absolutely one of the most important things about the way I use EN I catch that I've put a note in the wrong book. I can see at a glance if a book is overcrowded and I should split it up under more identifiable headers. I find things I have dumped in for later perusal that would've been out-of-sight out-of-mind if hidden past the first few in cards view When researching online, I will quickly clip many different subjects to my default folder, and with thumbs I can easily see which is what, select and drag them en masse to the appropriate books. I spot double ups when I've clipped the same page an earlier date.... And on and on... None of these things can be done when only seeing a few at a time. It's so basic really. Just simple common sense. Before bells and whistles, at it's heart EN is supposed to be an organisational tool - and without thumbs I find it much harder to organise.
  4. Ah thanks so much, I didn't think of finding v4 via the forums. I'll go check it out. Re lists - I didn't say I didn't want a graphic representation, just not the size of my head! Besides, I already had lists. And snippets are pretty much cards.. only umm ...longish - always did have that choice as well, so not some fab advanced point of diff there. Just a backwards step for me. Something good and useful gone in thumbnails, no particular great gain with cards. C'est la vie 'spose.
  5. I just installed 502, and after wasting time trying to get my thumbnails view back I realised they're gone so I don't want it. Cards. Yeeech. To see more than a few notes it has to be scrolled, or waste my desktop real estate by needing to have the frame so wide it there's no room to display the note. How's that 'at a glance'? Doesn't make sense. I want efficiency. I'm not a child, I don't need a blimmin great picture book to know the contents of a note. So, now I'm back to my original download of over a year ago, but there were some updates before this new one, and it seems I can't do a progressive update, it's 502 or nuttin. Is that right? Or is there a way to get everything up to, but not ... if you know what I mean. Ta
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