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(Archived) Tasks becoming |TC|

Casey Becking


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We're 100% sure it's TaskClone (of course we have a bit of inside information  :) ).  


We call that funny prefix a "Skip Code".  It prevents our service from copying/cloning your tasks after they've already been copied once.  


We've made many improvements since our official launch (4 days after the OP), including the ability to log in and see all of your settings.  We also added many support articles to answer questions like:

If a user is not using the service and wants to delete their account, per Evernote guidelines, we make that easy too.  While we want as many users as possible, deleting unwanted accounts saves the user unwanted changes to their notes and TaskClone and Evernote unnecessary server usage.  With any app you connect to your Evernote account, you should consider revoking access to your Evernote account if you stop using the service.  We have a support article on that too.


TaskClone purposefully works in the background, so I guess if a user only occasionally adds tasks to Evernote, they might forget TaskClone is at the ready to process those tasks and send them to your favorite task app.


If there is ever any question or concern, we're ready to assist users and potential users alike at support.taskclone.com.

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