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  1. Did you, perhaps, get the one that doesn't show Software Update from the Apple App Store? If so, updating is taken care of by the App Store, not the individual (in this case Evernote) application.
  2. Not just you, JPL. Check out this discussion --> https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64298-crash-when-running-in-yosemite/
  3. Grumpy, I second your message and thank you for putting it so clearly. I'm using Yosemite, but have created a separate partition of my disk to install it and am cross-saving (thanks Evernote and Dropbox) everything I change when in the Yosemite (beta) world. Be careful out there!
  4. Change the "143" in the link to "144" and you'll find the (updated, I'm guessing) zip file.
  5. In addition to emailing, you can just "Export" an outline/portion-thereof, copy, and then paste it into Evernote. That's generally what I do (I'm a big Workflowy fan & user).
  6. I'm one of those folks for whom this seems not to be working, at all. Using the example from OP I get "matches" that include the string "PDF" (or "PDFs" if I try that search), but it isn't picking up the hundreds of notes which actually have attached PDF documents. Is there some special way one must invoke the NLSearch? Is there the swinging of a chicken around my head involved?
  7. FYI, I found this on Filemaker's site at http://info.filemaker.com/FMP_overview.html Options for Bento users If you are using Bento, it may continue to meet your needs for a long time. If and when you decide to export your data from Bento to another application, we have helpful information about your options: Can I move my data from Bento to FileMaker Pro? Yes, you can. The Bento 4 to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool is the recommended tool to use when moving from Bento 4 for Mac to FileMaker Pro. It converts your existing Bento 4 for Mac data (including the contents of media fields and form designs) into a FileMaker Pro 12 database. There are some limitations so please review the Bento 4 to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool PDF prior to migrating. Can I export Bento data into programs other than FileMaker Pro? Bento 4 for Mac can export data into a .csv, .tab, Numbers, or Excel 2008 file from a library, from a collection, from a Smart Collection, or from the results of a search or Advanced Find. Learn more › Customers using Bento 4 for iPad can email the data in a library or collection as a comma-separated values (.csv) file attachment. You can then open the attachment to import the data to other applications. Learn more ›
  8. I'll just leave this here: Evernote Cornell Notes Template Google is your friend!
  9. 1. Create the new tag you'll use for the merged items (not needed if you're re-using one of your existing tags) 2. select all the notes you want to "merge" into a tag 3. (at least in the current Mac client) Add the new tag using the "click to add tags" section in the right pane. 4. Go to the Tags list and delete the tag(s) you no longer want used). 5. Pat yourself on the back.
  10. Knowing this doesn't help Grumpy, I will note that after EN update (done before iOS 7 install) and then the iOS 7 install, EN seems to be working with no issues on my 3rdGen iPad.
  11. I blog about my start-up company (VIE Sports; launching later this year) and the occasional other random topic at http://georgeogoodman.postach.io/ george g.
  12. I'll raise my hand (the only one in this thread, from what I see) to say that I like the new clipper, it works without fail (OS X 10.8.5) and for my uses doesn't represent an expansion of the clicks required. Your mileage may (oh, hell; clearly your mileage DOES) vary. george g.
  13. When I create a note, I use a Text Expander (http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html) trigger to insert the current date as the first part of the title. That might work for you going forward (though fixing existing notes would still be a slog).
  14. I'll add my +1 to himion0's second suggestion. Anything that reduces the time my hand moves to the touchpad/mouse is a good thing, and moving to tag items happens all the time. I'll make one addition to the suggestion, though: make it Option-Tab or CRTL-Tab (and the shifted sibling, thereof) since having an unmodified Tab actually insert tab space in the main text area of a note is important (at least to me).
  15. I think it is a matter of how much one uses any service that determines what feels a reasonable price. I listen to local public radio during my commute and at my desk for about two hours each day; making a pledge of $0.25/day feels cheap, but you do what you can afford. I use Evernote on (at least) four platforms, use it as both inbox-staging and archive for everything I do, store all of the recipes my wife and I want to keep, and more. I don't really have the monthly upload bulk to require Premium, but the front-of-the-queue OCR and other things make my days easier. If another person doesn't see value of $60/year in what they get from Evernote, then they shouldn't pay it. Now, can we move on?
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