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  1. Did you, perhaps, get the one that doesn't show Software Update from the Apple App Store? If so, updating is taken care of by the App Store, not the individual (in this case Evernote) application.
  2. Not just you, JPL. Check out this discussion --> https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64298-crash-when-running-in-yosemite/
  3. Change the "143" in the link to "144" and you'll find the (updated, I'm guessing) zip file.
  4. I'll raise my hand (the only one in this thread, from what I see) to say that I like the new clipper, it works without fail (OS X 10.8.5) and for my uses doesn't represent an expansion of the clicks required. Your mileage may (oh, hell; clearly your mileage DOES) vary. george g.
  5. I've been using Zendone (http://www.zendone.com/) since their early beta releases. It is out of beta and continues to fit well into my workflow. It syncs with Evernote and uses a specified folder (I use "@inbox") as the inbox for processing items per GTD. They also have an iOS app for iPhone which seems pretty good (I don't have an iPhone and can't give details on the app). I'd encourage you to check it out. Note: I'm just a happy user of Zendone and not a company shill!
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