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(Archived) Thank you for your work.

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I use Evernote many times everyday. From my phone, laptop, tablet and my desktop. It's the easiest to keep my thoughts and what I find on the web at my fingertips.



I am the 46,734th user to sign up for an account which now includes 65 million users.


Thank you Evernote team for making, upgrading and keeping such a good product for all of us to use.



Jay Cook

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Hi Jay and welcome to the forum,


Nice to see someone pleased and wanting to thank the Evernote team. I am sure they will be very pleased.


It is a great product with so many uses.


Best regards



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Where do you find what number you are? 


My account settings show that I have been a member since 3/21/2008 and i have notes with "created" dates that go back to early 2007. .  I must have been in some sort of pre-public beta when Evernote went from the old "blue" version to the new "green" version that we know and love today.


Several months ago, I reformatted the drive in my laptop and after re-installing the OS, there were two applicaitons I installed right away - Chrome browser and Evernote.  Evernote is definitely my "external brain" - and I gotta say that's a good thing, cause the internal one is getting pretty shaky these days.


Thanks to everyone Evernote and looking forward to another 95 years.



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