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  1. Hey Scott, I think I might know what he is talking about. I have been doing receipts in Evernote now for 3 years, and i am still not satisfied on the best way I should use it. The biggest thing Evernote does is it SAVES IT -- you can throw the paper way -- you now always have the receipt and that benifit is HUGE. But does Evernote save me any time getting my expensese together? For Receipts, Not really. Once you take the picture, you have to name it, tag it correctly (or it will just be lost in the mess) but then you have to, at some later date enter the amount in a spreadsheet or accounting program. Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was an app that lets you take a pic of a receipt, you can text in the amount, have the app grab the date and time (as a default -- which you can change if you are taking the picture much later than the expense) put that date and time and amount in a spreadsheet then send that info to Evernote AND a spreadsheet which you can later upload into an accounting software. As it is now you still have to manually type in all these numbers in later Bujanda, Nope . . . . there is really not an easier way of doing this. When I first started keeping receipts in evernote I scanned EVERY receipt . . well that didn't last long at all. It just isn't worth it for me. Now I just scan major purchases, and or when I am on Trips I will scan everything -- Gas, toll roads, even Coffee -- just sort of want to know what I'm spending on trips. My every day at home receipts . . .its just not worth the time to scan them IMOP, I put everything on credit cards and the numbers are there on the monthly bill -- which I DO scan into Evernote and can search and find it on the credit card bill Major Purches, yes, Job related refundable expenses, yes, All the rest? not worth the time So how do it? TAKE THE TIME TO NAME AND TAG YOUR RECEIPT CORRECTLY -- it will save you a lot of time later ================= Tagging Receipts ================= Every Receipt I take a picture of gets AT LEAST these tags "Receipt" "Jul" (or whatever month it is I keep my month tags 3 characters) "2014" (or whatever year) Lets say I get lazy, or busy (because I am on Evernote forum broads writing posts when I should be doing my accounting) and I don't look at my expenses for a month or so. When I finally get doown to doing them a simple search "Tag:jun Tag:receipt: Tag:2014" Will get me ALL of my receipts for the month of June. how about all the Receipts for the YTD search "Tag:2014 tag:Receipt". Planning a trip to the same place you were last year in Aug? Search :"Tag:receipt Tag:aug tag:2013 tag:trip" BINGO all my expenses from trips in august of last year, Now once i am at my desktop I use Hyperlinks "Copy Note Link" and for trips (business or pleasure) I have a master Index page which has all my hyperlinks to the various notes, reservations. Each Trip has its own Master Index page for the airline tickets, mass transit Maps and a list of all my expenses, At each of the notes I have a hyper link back to the index page. The trip Index pages are linked to my Main Trip Index for all my years. Trips in 20014, trips in 2013 etc. My own personal hyperlinks are the easiest way to get to my related pages on my phone -- works WONDERFULLY in my iPhone but hyperlinks never worked in my windows phone one of the reason why I finally broke down and bought an iPhone ============== Naming Receipts ============== How do I name my receipts Receipt - Starbucks - 2014-07-23 - $4.85 Receipt - HomeDepot - Supplies - 2014-07-23 - $4.85 Receipt - Toll Road - 2014-07-23 - $3.00 Invoice - CC Contruction Co, - 2014-07-23 - $3,000.00 Bill - ATT Phone - 2014-07 - $45.00 Bill - Evernote Premium - 2014-07 - $45.00 Basically I can see most of what I need to know right in the name -- the date or just month and year. I can see is it a bill, receipt, or invoice? -- and how much was it, the most important thing to read in the title, you don't want to be opening each note to find out how much You could do away with the date tag by using the created criterion in your search syntax. Using the Created criterion is fine if you are diligent in imaging the receipt the day it is issued. Me - I tend to do all this stuff on the weekend when I have a weeks worth piled up in front of me. Call it a character flaw.
  2. Looks like you can. There is an app in Google Play Store for Google Cloud Print. I just went to a page in Chrome on my Galaxy S3, tapped the Menu button and then selected Share. One of the "Share" options was Google Cloud Print. Selected that and all of my Cloud Printer options came up, including my little HP 1000 that I print to.
  3. If nothing else, try using Google Cloud Print from the Evernote Web app. This works for me all the time. I have it pointed to several different printers.
  4. Don't know what's unfriendly about it. When you sign up, you know its a recurring expense so just put it on your calendar (Google or otherwise) with a reminder of the time frame of your choice. Or how about this - put a note with a reminder in Evernote.
  5. Re-ordering attachments is a feature I too would like to see. -- Greg
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