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(Archived) Move ALL notes for one tag into a new notebook? Efficient option other than note by note?

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Now that I have a great multitude of notes, I realize that I need to transfer many of my notes (1000+) into new notebooks.  


Is there a way to do this efficiently and not simply single note by single note?


Is there a way to transfer every note with one tag option into a new notebook en mass?

Other thoughts or options?


Thank you to all.





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Thank you.  Helpful.  Perhaps a very basic question but I have not seen how you can "search by the chosen tag."  Do you mean just go to that tag and look a the notes?  The search capability seems quite basic to me or at least I don't see how to search by characteristic like tags.  Thanks again!  Tom  

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If you type tag:<yourtag> in the search box,  you'll get all the notes with that tag.  If you check out the help links at the bottom of this post you should find much more about searching..


-and although you have lots of notes,  do you really need them in different notebooks?  I've got a lot of notes,  but 98% of mine are in the one notebook with suitable titles and tags.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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