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  1. Hi, I encrypted a note and have a password for that note. When I open the note on my PC, it works fine. However, when I open it in Chrome via the password, I am not able to type new text or edit the text. As soon as I attempt to type, the previous text is immediately highlighted/shaded and I cannot add or edit. Any thoughts as to what my problem might be? Thank you. Tom
  2. I deleted and installed, cutting about 60% of my storage used on EN. Thanks again. Tom
  3. I got the app usage from Settings, then Iphone Storage. Thanks for all. Will delete now. Tom
  4. My app lists a current time saying "last synchronized" so yes, it seems to be sync'd. I used the "clear chache" button but that did not seem to change anything. Thanks! Tom
  5. Thank you for the responses. I don't think I have anything set up for offline notebooks. Is 1/2 or 1 GB usage normal? My phone is only 8 GB so... And my fear is that is seems to be increasing. Thanks again. Tom
  6. Greetings, Is there a way to have the EN IPhone App use less storage space on an IPhone 6s? I can't find anything in settings. If I delete it and restore it, would that help? I use EN Plus. Thank you! Tom
  7. Greetings, Within Evernote Windows or Chromebook, can I combine two tags and make them into one or have them all in one of the existing tags? More than two tags and make them into one or into one of the tags? Thank you! Tom
  8. Hi, Thank you. I am using the downloaded EN program on a Windows 10 PC. But I also use it on a Chromebook and could download to a MacBook if that made thins easier. Thanks again. Tom
  9. Greetings, Is it possible to print a listing of my all tags (the names I use for tags in alphabetical order)? I want a printed out list to edit and rethink how I use tags. But I can't figure out how to print such a listing. Thank you. Tom
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