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(Archived) Doxie or Fujitsu or Other Scanner


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There have been a lot of pro Fujitsu ScanSnap comments on this forum.

Also, there seems to be more of a connection between ScanSnap and Evernote - user videos, etc.


Don't recall seeing any Doxie user step up to the plate..

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I have both a Doxie and a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300.  In my opinion, the Fujitsu is better in every way and I use it almost exclusively for my scanning needs (although I am seriously looking at obtaining the Fujitsu iX500).

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Wanting to go paperless. Saw Doxie, like the price, but Fujitsu gets more ratings and has more users it seems. Has anyone done a comparison?

If you search the board, youll find there is plenty of discussison on both Fujitsu & Doxie.

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