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(Archived) Pasting an image makes note jump to the top

Kid Red


This is frustrating. I have long notes with dozens of photos and when I paste a photo into the middle of the note, the note then jumps to the very beginning/top of the note. So I have to then scroll down to find where I just pasted the photo. Hope this can get fixed.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  This is,  I believe,  a known bug and it's receiving attention.  Meantime you could consider using 1 note = 1 photo and tying them together with tags or within one notebook.  The "created date" sort,  or any artificial numbering system you apply to the title of the row,  would then keep them together.  If you used boat 0010,  boat 0020 etc for an initial number system,  you could shoehorn extra pics into the order at any point.  The bug will be fixed,  but as yet we don't know when...

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As an FYI for anyone, this bug still exists. I know this is the MAC forum, but I'm experiencing it on a Windows XP machine. 

Always using very short notes seems like a workaround, BUT progressing note by note when reviewing the material later interrupts the reading flow (not to mention tracking everything when creating). Besides you should be able to keep long and rich notes.

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