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  1. As far as searching through the annotations rather than the whole pdf, Adobe Acrobat lets you get a summary of both typed coments AND the text that you highlight in a pdf and plug that summary into the pdf or export it. You might then be able to restrict a search within evernote to that summary, perhaps if you put summaries into separate notes or something like that.
  2. I'd really like to use evernote to handle new pdfs for research. Normally I use Adobe's PDF anotating features. But evernote's ability to search through the anotations I make would be very helpful. But the pdf annotation feature is weak. When it opens a PDF, the text is badly aliased. It's fine in the normal not but not in the note annotation feature. There's no handrwriting recognitionm(maybe I'm totally wrong about that?) There's no ability to add marginal notes. Yes you can add block of text, but it's clearly designed to to short callouts; it edits/types slow and has goofy formating. There's no hand-tool, you can only use the mouse to scroll with the wheel but you can't click-drag up and down the page AND you can't finger-swipe up and down the page with a touch screen, it gets interpreted as a tool-stroke. There's no scroll bar for the pdf, that's maybe a small thing but it'd be in a normal annotation system. The highlighter is just a transparent paintbrush. In Adobe the system recgonizes the text being hightlighted and is restricted to it AND it reads the text in the highlight. In evernote it's just a wide line. Or even if the highlighter and pen were two separate tools, so when you selected the width of the highlight and a different width for the pen you can just click back and forth between the two tools instead of having to change the width each time. I would think that adding a hand-tool is the easiest thing to fix. Improving the displayed PDF quality/text aliasing might be very easy too but then again there might be a specific reason why it's being done. Handwriting recognition and better text-notes would surely be the most difficult things to add, and I suspect that at least for handwriting recognition Evernote has made a decision to stay away from it. The highlighting text issue is probably also a difficult feature to create too, but it works very well in adobe. It'd be nice to be able to have evernote perform searches that are restricted to JUST the highlighted text.
  3. People have offered a lot of reasons, but I wonder if OneNote is taking over evernote users who rely on Windows, so they figure why bother implementing dark mode?
  4. Just want to jump in here with a similar problem that is corrected but the info might be useful. Evernote version is (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) Computer info: A 2018 microsoft Surface Pro running up to date Win10 Pro. When using the regular evernote Windows app, if I open a new note, the text immediately looks extremely strange, more like what you see in a web-browser than a text editor, fuzzy as if magnified. My surface tablet main screen is set to 200X, which is the default setting for them. I moved the evernote window to a different screen but that didn't help any problems. Keyboard arrow movements work fine but 1. mouse clicks don't work, won't place the cursor at the point clicked, seems to be acting like the text it made up of large blocks, click in that block and the cursor doesn't move, click outside of it and the cursor jumps to a new position. (I want to be clear, there are no blocks visible, it's just acting like as if it couldn't see the individual letters) 2. Lines don't break/advance to next line, and run off the screen. 3. Can't use a slider to scroll off-screen to see that text either,in fact there is no slider. 4. The 'pick a template' icon that is in the main body of a new note, that icon/button doesn't work or respond at all. Turning off hardware acceleration in the app settings seemed to fix it so far. So for anyone having a similar problem, give that a try before being told to 'uninstall, delete, back up, rollback, then reinstall 3X while holding a rabbit's foot'.
  5. Evernote Android App: 7.8.2 Android:6.0.1 Samsung Galax Note S5 Got a Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook with Stickers, etc. It just flat out will not work. The Android app camera takes terrible pictures of the page, even with a black background, and never seems to recognize it as having stickers to process. Sometimes it decides it's a photo, and what I get is a blurry photo. Sometimes it decides it's a document, and what I get is a nearly entirely white image. I'm thinking they just can't make the app properly use the camera. The app sometimes is able to realize it's a document and crop the image down to the page. Also, when using post-it notes, it will only very rarely realize it's a post it note and apply the tags, reminders, etc. For the most part, regardless of distance from the note and lighting, it gives me either an out of focus photo, or a 'document' that is nearly entirely white. They've had these things for three years now and it still doesn't work. I can understand that Android apps don't pay as well as iPhone ones, but why even release the functionality to android if it doesn't work?
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