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  1. As far as searching through the annotations rather than the whole pdf, Adobe Acrobat lets you get a summary of both typed coments AND the text that you highlight in a pdf and plug that summary into the pdf or export it. You might then be able to restrict a search within evernote to that summary, perhaps if you put summaries into separate notes or something like that.
  2. People have offered a lot of reasons, but I wonder if OneNote is taking over evernote users who rely on Windows, so they figure why bother implementing dark mode?
  3. Just want to jump in here with a similar problem that is corrected but the info might be useful. Evernote version is (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) Computer info: A 2018 microsoft Surface Pro running up to date Win10 Pro. When using the regular evernote Windows app, if I open a new note, the text immediately looks extremely strange, more like what you see in a web-browser than a text editor, fuzzy as if magnified. My surface tablet main screen is set to 200X, which is the default setting for them. I moved the evernote window to a different screen but
  4. Evernote Android App: 7.8.2 Android:6.0.1 Samsung Galax Note S5 Got a Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook with Stickers, etc. It just flat out will not work. The Android app camera takes terrible pictures of the page, even with a black background, and never seems to recognize it as having stickers to process. Sometimes it decides it's a photo, and what I get is a blurry photo. Sometimes it decides it's a document, and what I get is a nearly entirely white image. I'm thinking they just can't make the app properly use the camera. The app sometimes is able to realize it's a document and
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