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(Archived) How to edit a shared notebook

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HELP please! I started a notebook and shared it with my biz partner (we both have evernote accounts) but he can't edit.  It says notbeooks can be edited once they're shared. What are we doing wrong???


Thank you!!!


Do you have a premium account?  Did you share with modify privileges?

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It's exactly how it reads.....

"Evernote allows both free and premium users to share notebooks privately with other Evernote users. Notebooks shared by premium users have the option of being editable by the users with whom the notebook is shared. In other words, if Bob the premium user shares a notebook with Fred the free user, Bob may choose to allow Fred to edit the contents of his shared notebook."

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So I have to be a premium member? That's not how the guide reads....



Taken directly from the link Metrodon provided:


"Notebooks shared by premium users have the option of being editable by the users with whom the notebook is shared."


(Sniped by Metrodon)

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The link given above just sends me directly to the main support landing page.


http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/web/#7 appears to be a valid link as of this reply.


However, the part where only Premium members can allow others to edit is nested in a wall of text in step 3 of Sharing a notebook. There were no relevant KB entries or FAQs mentioning editing, nor the fact that edit is only available to Premium/Business users. There is also no indication of the lack of editing in the UI when a user initiates the sharing process. I also missed the single line in the Quick Start guide the first time I read it. There is no emphasis, no calling out of the fact that edit is a premium only feature.


When going to the main evernote landing page after clicking "Get evernote - It's free", a user is sent to http://evernote.com/evernote/ which specifically calls out 'Work with friends and colleagues:

Share your notes and collaborate on projects with friends, colleagues and classmates.', yet doesn't say this is a premium feature only. I did not see any mention on that page about premium either. I had to go to the support page, then the Chat description which has a link to premium.




TLDR; It's difficult to discover that only premium members can allow others to edit shared notebooks.

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