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Pages saved out of sequence when taking multi-photo shots with Page Camera in Evernote for Android

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The page camera multi-photo mode doesn't work properly in evernote 5.0.3 for android, at least on my Nexus 4. The issue at hand is that when I create a note and append several photographs taken with the new page camera multi-photo option, the photographs aren't saved in the same sequence as they were taken, but in a seemingly random order.


I'd speculate that they are saved in the order of being finished processing, and not in the ascending order of their time-stamps?


The same is true with V 5.1 Beta 1, which I just now installed.


This makes the whole functionality a little awkward to use.


Best, M.

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So, in April Evernote said that it would take a look at the problem. But the problem still exists. I'm taking pictures and I need them to be in sequence, but I end up having them organised in a random mode.


This Evernote app sucks. Please correct this.

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Here is the response to my ticket on this subject 101953 opened in August of 2013.  I guess we will have to start using the year in our notes....


Hello evernote_frey,


Thanks for reaching out to Evernote support. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I am so sorry you have had to write back in regarding this.


The photos being out of order is actually by design. A note in Evernote will order the photos based on their file size, not the order in which they were taken or loaded. There is no way to currently change this.


As you know, they were entered before as bugs, but are now seen as requests. We have been told by developers this is by design.


I am sorry you have waited so long to find this out.




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'by design'?  if it was by design there would be specific requirements defined (specification) as to this feature.  those requirements would (in theory) be driven by a specific need (market).  (standard product development principles).  i would have to argue that there was no definition for this 'feature' and that either the programmers made a guess or they took a convienient (easier) programming route.


sorry evernote, i love your product and use it everyday, but at least be honest about it and admit it that it's a bug.  I can see no use scenario that supports 'order by size'.  but i would definitely be interested in someone providing one.

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