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  1. I use this: source:mail.smtp seems to work for me just fine at my last few companies (some with exchange, some on office365).
  2. can't seem to get past "connect to dropbox". is there an issue or something i can do to get it going?
  3. reusable is a great idea and it does seem to work pretty well (i bought one out of curiosity). since i keep everything in evernote, not sure if the option to send things to other services is usefull. i would be curious what the workflow is like for those that would send things to multiple services but maybe that's for a different forum thread. from a picture scanning option, Everlast can send either .jpg's or .pdf's., but to take full advantage of evernote, the images need to be in .pdf (as far as i know). both seem to handle colored pens fine.
  4. Been using the Evernote Moleskin notebooks for a while. I see that another optiion is Everlast notebooks. Was curious if anyone has tried them out and any opinions/preferences? One things stands out is Everlasts ability to send the pages to something other than Evernote. But other than that, anything else? thanks
  5. went back to the old web interface until Evernote can respond/fix this issue. Not the best solution, but a solution.
  6. nevermind, just picked up an HP Chromebook. we'll see how that works.....
  7. hi- Been a long time Evernote user (premium) and have used it over the course of several jobs and personal life. My company recently upgraded our laptops to larger/bigger/heavier engineering grade laptops which make it a bit more challenging to drag around for meetings (I'm partially paperless, but haven't made the transition complete). I was looking for a better solution for meeting notes etc. than the new brick that I've been given. I was hoping for a few opinions on good tables (10" or so) that I can take to meetings. Something with acceptable Evernote performance but also something that I can carry with relative ease. I'm open to windows or android only devices. the new Surface Pro devices look great just a bit out of my price range. Can anyone offer any other options? thanks ps, is/are the IOS devices a better way to go?
  8. much as i hate to, i am thinking the same action when i'm due for renewal.
  9. any update on the availability of just the stickers?
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