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  1. I strongly second this request. Given that Evernote already has such a solid web app, it'd be really good to turn this into a Chrome Packaged app. With the new Chrome 31 (dev channel), Chrome is actually going to place launchers in the native OSes, so I think this would really be a great way for Evernote to jump on this new Chrome platform! I am a Evernote Premium user and would love to see Evernote on Chrome!
  2. I have the same problem on a Droid Razr Maxx and the new Nexus 7. Most of the time, I get the images in reverse order (the last picture taken appears first in the final note).
  3. Has anyone heard any updates about their support of 2-factor authentication?
  4. Sorry, didn't read all of the previous posts, but I also strongly urge Evernote to add 2-step verification using the same approach as Dropbox...basically making it a preference to enable this, and making it so that users can enter the key using something like the Google Authenticator app on a smart phone. Evernote is a great product (I'm a premium user), and I'm putting more and more of my life on there. So, I would really feel much safer is it has this additional level of protection.
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