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(Archived) Clip from iPhone/iPT's Safari?

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We don't have a way to directly clip from the iPhone Safari since Apple doesn't give us any way to hook in to that third-party applications.

A few people have been somewhat successful at bookmarking our Javascript "bookmarklet" web clipper from their mobile Safari to use that:


This isn't fully supported by us (we haven't optimized the UI for this operation), and it's a bit of a hassle to set up, so we don't really steer people in this direction unless they're really determined.

See also:



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Is there any way to create a "light" web clipper? One of the best ones I've found is the one for InstaPaper. It does pop-up a window on a different page, but then it clears the window immediately if the browser's already logged in/cookied.

The current Evernote clipper is, indeed, pretty difficult to use on the iPhone. I've opted to just email links to my notebook and process them manually from there.

I think there's a lot of room for a simple clip bookmarklet, especially for small devices with low bandwidth. The current bookmarklet calls a 12 KB javascript on the Evernote servers!

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Glad it works for you. If we had a way to automatically stick our bookmarklet into Safari when you install our app on the phone, we'd do it, but Apple doesn't make this possible for security/privacy reasons. I.e. they don't want that "whoopie cushion" app you just installed to mess around with your iPhone browser bookmarks. This means we're stuck with the manual process for now.

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One thing that would be nice would be to have an option to automatically download the page referred to in a URL contained in a note. So from the iPhone you could email your evernote account and when it indexes/syncs, it could just download the web page directly into the note.

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OK ... I am determined! But I don't see a way to get the javascript bookmarklet ... bookmarked. Other bookmarklets I have installed allow me to "add bookmark" directly on the iPhone then edit the resulting link, remove everything before the first "javascript", save, and presto-done. Clicking on the link at http://www.evernote.com/about/download/#a-webclipper results in a popup.

I guess Mac users can do this by adding to Safari and syncing bookmarks via iTunes ... but I'm on Windows.

If I have to, I'll type in the javascript by hand ... as I say, I'm determined ... but I gotta think I'm brain locking and that this is easier. Any help?

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