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  1. Hot damn, it works, just like in desktop Safari. Right down to the little (TEEENY on the iPT screen!) window that pops up for entry of login & tagging info. Nice. Very straightforward.
  2. I think something that might be helpful is the ability to indicate via the desktop apps which files should be 'favorites' on the mobile device(s). This shouldn't require much additional coding: checkboxes/"Select all" option and a dropdown menu addition: Mark as favorites, tie it to the code for sorting favorites already in place. Voila.
  3. Thanks mucho -- I'll take a whack at it and let y'all know how it goes.
  4. Excellent, thanks Dave. (note: I do tech support/user hand-holding for our little group of programmers, I REALLY appreciate the time and effort you put into monitoring the forums and the astonishing calm you managed to hold onto in the face of brusselshrek's ongoing rudeness. Bravo.)
  5. Hola, guys. I apologize if this has been covered, I didn't find it in searching: Is it possible to clip while browsing on the iPhone/iPT? If so, could someone please point me to the How To for said action? Many thanks.
  6. Enberg, dear, you say you read every forum posting (an admirable task, indeed), but I notice Tom's simple question was NOT answered while that brussels snot got a fair amount of attention before fleeing in high dudgeon. As I haven't got that many notes in Evernote, yet, I've not noticed the 100 note IMAP limit on my iPT but it concerns me. So I reiterate (bump, +1, whatever is necessary to get EN attention) the question: IS THERE a limit on how many "Show 25 more" can be shown, either imposed by Apple or Evernote? Thanks.
  7. I've been browsing the forum tonight just astonished at the tones of outraged entitlement and downright unpleasant nastiness that I've been seeing directed at Evernote for issues largely out of their hands. This is just a note to those of you so focused on throwing stones at Evernote that you're not paying close enough attention to what's being said: a) There's a difference between "rich text" and the few modifications available via iPhone/iPT apps like ToFUEdit and the like and I've noticed that when I export a doc from my iPT edited in ToFU, all formatting is gone. Evernote is not preventing you from editing your rich text notes just for the helluva it -- Zoho, an online office suite -- allows mobile users to CREATE NEW or VIEW EXISTING but not EDIT for the very same reasons given here: it's easier to just say NO than to put up a sign at the door reading, "USE CAUTION OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FANCY FORMATTING." Because sure as sh*ttin', some several stupid fools WILL edit a .rtf doc and WILL lose formatting and WILL *****/grief/threaten to sue merely because they're too stupid to pay attention. Therefore, it's easier all around for these companies -- most of whom are providing a significantly awesome service for FREE -- to merely say, "sorry, can't have that wee bit of feature," while they wait for Apple to unclench a bit in their SDK restrictions.
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