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  1. I have a note that contains images and text. When I select and copy, I cannot paste into another app with images - it only copies the text. Seems to be the same on the web version. Is there a workaround for this? I'm accustomed to using Evernote to gather information while I research things on the web. If I can't copy it out easily, that greatly undermines Evernote's usefulness. I'm pretty sure this used to work on the web and the old Mac version.
  2. Mac Evernote isn't staying up to date with new web clipper content. In order to get it visible in the app, I need to restart it. Is there a keyboard shortcut or something to force things to sync/refresh? Otherwise I have to restart, but that sometimes causes me to lose edits. (NOT loving that!) Thanks!
  3. Steps to reproduce: Take multiple screenshot notes Merge the notes Open web editor Web version has no images in the note but text remains Restart mac version Mac version has no images in the note Note history is blank There might be other ways to cause this. I suspect this might be a sync issue, but I'm not sure.
  4. Bump. This is ridiculous. Major feature lacking from Android and it hasn't been addressed in three years.
  5. Now that all the Evernote clients on the desktop are built on web technologies, it would be very nice to see the web client become feature-complete. Multi-selection would be a great start, more keyboard shortcuts, and note admin tasks like import and export.
  6. I'd just like to say that this lack is only more annoying every year. Android Evernote also doesn't work with Android's standard sharing interface at all, which is the way most apps access printing. Seems like Evernote for Android has basically stopped development in any meaningful way.
  7. Now that EN works pretty well on Chromebooks, this is an embarrassing omission...
  8. In the new web client, if I have text formatted as, say, 14 point font size, the web client renders it as 14px (pixels) instead of 14pt (point-size). This results in text that is substantially smaller than it ought to be.
  9. Add printing support to the Android client. Android now has a very solid printing system, including both network printers and Google Cloud Print. This has been brought up a few times, but hey, why not resurrect this feature, now that the rebrand is finished?
  10. When I use the web interface or Mac version, my edits are saved while I type. On Android, I have to leave edit mode in order to save changes. Not such a big deal on a phone where I'm not doing a lot of input, but now that I'm using it more on a Chromebook, I really miss that feature.
  11. I can't comment on specifics of the company's financial state, but I have confidently put thousands of notes into Evernote and continue to do so, because: Evernote exports to HTML Evernote exports to well-documented XML (ENEX) Evernote for Mac can be scripted client-side to move data out And all of this is supported on the desktop, no need for the servers to be running at all. With the servers up and running, there are even more options.... In other words, whatever happens to Evernote eventually, I know I can get my data out and do something useful with it (even if i
  12. The android app. I have to bounce between mobile and web since mobile can't print, web is much less full featured than mobile but web editing interface is otherwise superior on a Chromebook.
  13. Using EN on a Chromebook, I need to use my fingers to scroll. Would be nice to have scrolling support on the track pad or mouse. Better mouse support in general would be great, too. (it's a little flakey)
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