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  1. You could throw IFTTT/Zapier/Integromat into the middle there and just push all your Evernote notes to another service. Use it for capture but not storage.
  2. When I start the Android app, I now get "Home" as my starting view. How can I change this to show me the All Notes view I used to get? Also, feature request: Give us the option to remove Home from all apps.
  3. There are lots of reasons why Evernote hasn't been making me super-happy lately: The new Mac app doesn't have AppleScript, which nerfs the 20 or 30 scripts and Keyboard Maestro macros I'd built for EN The Mac App is also just kind of goofy with the new interface, although it's getting better quickly, it still feels like a half-step backwards Home is absurd and pointless useless you truly use Evernote as your daily dashboard (and even then, it's nothing compared to what people are doing with Notion) EN has lost that magic cachet which caused it to be integrated with ever
  4. This is actually problematic in the legacy version and on the web. Makes screenshots a particular bother. You can work around this by exporting your Evernote note as a web page and copy/paste from there. No, I don't consider that acceptable, but it does work. (And, once in HTML format, you can import it into another program that DOES support copy and paste. Just an idea.)
  5. Was able to work around this with IFTTT. Not ideal, but it works.
  6. Doesn't even show up as an available notes app for me.
  7. I can no longer use Evernote as the notes app for Google Assistant. When I go to the settings screen, it doesn't appear. Is this a feature lost in version 10?
  8. Wanted to give a shout-out to the Evernote team for the new Android app. I will be the first to acknowledge that I'm not nearly as much of an Android power user as I am on the desktop (Mac Version), which has comparably been a painful and frustrating experience with the new version. Android v10, with the recent updates, is easy to navigate, quick to create notes, and my beloved widgets are back! I've been shopping alternatives to Evernote for a couple of months now and haven't found something that hits all the high notes (including, unfortunately, Evernote). But with the new Android
  9. I can now copy and paste from a web page into Evernote. Copying out of Evernote still loses images. The same is true if I copy from EN on the web. Old Evernote continues to work as expected and I can copy/paste from it. Another win for using a website as a desktop app.
  10. I was having this problem, but the latest update for the Mac seems to have resolved it. I can now merge notes with images and nothing disappears after I sync the desktop.
  11. I have a note that contains images and text. When I select and copy, I cannot paste into another app with images - it only copies the text. Seems to be the same on the web version. Is there a workaround for this? I'm accustomed to using Evernote to gather information while I research things on the web. If I can't copy it out easily, that greatly undermines Evernote's usefulness. I'm pretty sure this used to work on the web and the old Mac version.
  12. Mac Evernote isn't staying up to date with new web clipper content. In order to get it visible in the app, I need to restart it. Is there a keyboard shortcut or something to force things to sync/refresh? Otherwise I have to restart, but that sometimes causes me to lose edits. (NOT loving that!) Thanks!
  13. Steps to reproduce: Take multiple screenshot notes Merge the notes Open web editor Web version has no images in the note but text remains Restart mac version Mac version has no images in the note Note history is blank There might be other ways to cause this. I suspect this might be a sync issue, but I'm not sure.
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