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  1. I'm having issues synchronizing from within Evernote and I cannot access the Evernote Home.action page within the browser. Anyone else having issues?
  2. Still another release that does not fix fundamental issues with the search (phrase search is still broken).
  3. +1. As said earlier, you can create a new note and get a URL that will take you back to it consistently, but I have not found a way to do it for existing notes. I'm sure there's a way to build a URL if you know the note id. Is there a way to get a note id from the web client?
  4. Any plans for an implementation of a link. I use Toodle-Do and they don't have an integration with Evernote (yet!) so I want to put in the URL in the Notes section of the ToDo item so that it points to Evernote.
  5. One thing that would be nice would be to have an option to automatically download the page referred to in a URL contained in a note. So from the iPhone you could email your evernote account and when it indexes/syncs, it could just download the web page directly into the note.
  6. Any updates on this? Seems to be HUGE feature request.
  7. I am primarily using my Tiddlywiki on Windows.
  8. I've been using Tiddlywiki for sometime now and it's served my purposed pretty well. The biggest thing that Evernote offers that Tiddlywiki doesn't (at least for me) is the synchronization feature. Anyway I currently have a Tiddlywiki file with some 400 entries that I want to import into a notebook in Evernote. Does anyone have any ideas on an automated way to do this? The Tiddlywiki is mostly just HTML so is there a way for me to import them into Evernote if I can transform that HTML into another format that Evernote understands?
  9. I agree with these posts. Broad acceptance by Mac users means Tiger compatibility. Otherwise you're missing out on a potentially huge amount of users. I am planning on upgrading to Leopard eventually, but not for some time. I think the majority of Tiger users are in the same boat. Many, if not most, will not upgrade to Leopard until they get a new system. This lack of support for Tiger effectively stops me in my tracks as this is now a "windows only" solution for me. I think you have some great ideas here, but lack of Tiger support is very narrow-sighted.
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