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(Archived) Calendar view of notes

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Hi, firstly congrats on an excellent product! I have been using Evernote 3 and find it very useful and easy to use.

My feature request would be to have a calendar view of all your notes. For example, having a month view (like Outlook or Lightning/Sunbird have) and have your notes show up on the days that you created them would really be beneficial for me. Its like looking at a monthly (or weekly or daily) snapshot of notes you've put together. I suppose it could be another view of the time band feature or a calendar view of the note list....

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I fully agree. I really would love the ability to see my notes layed out on a calendar. So that I can click on a date in a calendar and see the notes for that day. I want to use evernote as a kind of journal or diary.

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I too would love a calendar. I know I can search for dates and have things grouped by months but sometimes a calendar helps me find that note that I wrote down on "monday morning two weeks ago". It also helps me see "wow I haven't written a journal entry in two weeks". I would love to be able to see a calendar view for all my notes and for notes of a specific notebook, extra credit for a calendar view of notes for a specific tag or search term.

I don't need a calendar view to keep track of appointments and todos (I have outlook for that) just a way to quickly find notes by date.

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About all you can do to find recent posts is to use the 'created:' or 'updated:' search operators, possibly in conjunction with tag or other search items. For example, To find the notes that were created in the last week, you would use 'created:day-7' in your search. Depending on the client, you can also sort a note list by Created or Updated date (definitely in the Windows client). This is made easier in some cases (again, at least in the Windows client) by using the Attributes pane, where you can multi-select criteria for inclusion (e.g. Last Modified / Since / Last Month and Before / This Week).

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I think that they are planning on depending on 3rd-party developers to supply calendar functionality, once they have the plumbing in. See http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=20798&p=111021&hilit=calendar#p110899.

If by "they" you mean "Evernote", I do not see any references by Evernote employees that they are planning for calendar functionality by anyone. All Evernote has stated is that at some point in the future they plan to provide a "Due Date" field.

It was jbenson2 who mentioned this, not Evernote.

So it is not clear whether or not Evernote is planning, assuming, or encouraging development of calendar functionality by 3rd parties.

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On Feb 25, 2011, Dave Engberg from Evernote said:

"As mentioned elsewhere, we appreciate the feedback about ideas such as this. We still have plans to implement better "Due Date" support for notes for people who want to use their notes for such a purpose. We don't plan to implement a full calendaring application within Evernote, so we need to draw a reasonable line where we stop."

So it is up to the 3rd party developers for the calendar.

I will be happy with just the addition of the Due Date column. That will add a lot of zing to Evernote.

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