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  1. @Matt W. @gazumped The link didn't work. Set me off again on the circle of logins. It keeps me logged into my account, but every time I go to the support page, it doesn't detect that status.
  2. @Matt W. Not sure I can do that. I can't submit a support request without signing in, and signing in takes me directly to my evernote account. Selecting help from my account takes me back to the support request page, but not signed in. Signing in takes me back to my evernote account. I did the circle 3 or 4 times in both Chrome and MS Edge, and never was able to actually get to the support page while signed in.
  3. @Matt W. I did this, it cleared the cache and re-sync'd the notes, and the result is the same. No change.
  4. Evernote 7.9.3 on both devices. Tablet has Android 5.0.2, phone has 6.0.1 "Map" does appear in the option, it just shows me a blank map and "no notes with location info".
  5. On my phone (LG G5), I can select "map" while in a notebook and view all the notes on a map. On my tablet (LG VK810), it tells me "no notes with location info". These are the same notes. It also says "If enabled, notes on your device will appear on the map." Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing that is enabled on my phone and not on my tablet?
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