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  1. You may want to file an Evernote support case for your issue. I make extensive use of tags and just tested the actions you described. In all cases EN worked correctly for me, showing the same number of Notes when I click on a tag as the number shown in parenthesis beside the tag. I am running the latest Mac beta: EN Mac 2.2 Beta 3 Mac OS 10.6.7 MacBook Air So there may be something specific to your setup/install that is causing the problem. I have found the EN support team to be very prompt and helpful. Good luck.
  2. @metrodon: I fail to see any relevance to your last post. @jefito: I haven't seen Dave Engberg around lately, but I'm pretty sure he has cautioned against making posts like the ones you just made. He has often stated that we all should refrain from commenting on the motives of others and keep on the topic of Evernote. If any of you feel I have made inappropriate remarks, then I invite you to send me a PM rather than polluting the thread with remarks that no one else is really interested in. This is for the benefit of all, as well as just being courteous. These off-topic remarks make it very difficult for all readers to follow the technical content of the thread. Finally, two questions that I believe everyone should ask themselves before posting here: 1. Am I being helpful? 2. Am I being professional?
  3. So why are you wasting everyone's time and adding clutter to this thread only to repeat yourself? What value are you adding to this discussion? In fact I was trying to avoid just such a side-debate by stating: "But, this thread is not really the place to have this involved discussion about a topic that seems to be controversial". But you seem to want to debate everthing. Your post is the one that is not helpful. I did NOT do any other the things you stated in this thread. You seem to be following me around the EN forums just to make arguments against most of my posts. I don't believe this is useful or helpful to anyone.
  4. While I agree that there will always be some differences just due to the OS UI differences, there is really no excuse IMO for there to be differences in the feature set between EN Win and EN Mac, other than for a short (< 1 month) transistion period when new features are being deployed. But, this thread is not really the place to have this involved discussion about a topic that seems to be controversial. The point of my previous post was simply to advise any EN Win users that this "copy all tags" feature does not seem to be available on EN Win at this time.
  5. Great tip! Unfortunately it does NOT work on EN Win as far as I can tell.
  6. CONFIRMED: I see the same behavior in the latest EN Mac version 2.2 Beta 3. This is unbelievable. This is yet another basic EN feature (has been en EN Win for a long time) that is missing from EN Mac. Is anyone at Evernote keeping track of feature consistency between EN Win and EN Mac?
  7. Is the EN Mac User's Guide referenced by the thread at the top of the Evernote for Mac forum up-to-date? It appears very old to me. I wonder if this might be misleading and confusing to new users who come to this forum. It is always at the top of the Mac forum list, and really stands out. Here's a screen shot: [attachment=0]EN_Mac_Forum_Announcements.png[/attachment]
  8. Why not just leave Evernote running all the time? Then you can immediately create a new note with the global hot key (CMD-CTRL-N). (The hot key is changeable in the Evernote Prefs). I always leave Evernote running on both my Mac and PC, and have not seen any issues with doing so.
  9. If by "they" you mean "Evernote", I do not see any references by Evernote employees that they are planning for calendar functionality by anyone. All Evernote has stated is that at some point in the future they plan to provide a "Due Date" field. It was jbenson2 who mentioned this, not Evernote. So it is not clear whether or not Evernote is planning, assuming, or encouraging development of calendar functionality by 3rd parties.
  10. Thanks for sharing. This sounds like a great idea. Since is written in PHP and requires a CRONJOB, does that mean the script can be run only on a Unix web server?
  11. It can be a workflow issue in group collaboration. All new notes might come into a "Inbox" notebook, and then you might have one (or more) persons (not account owners) who have the task of processing the Inbox -- moving Notes to the appropriate NB or deleting them (like junk mail). The ideal solution would be to offer a set of permissions that can be individually selected when you share the NB with a person. This is much like assigning Windows folder permissions on a Windows Server. These permissions might include: [*:2db1i601]View [*:2db1i601]Create [*:2db1i601]Edit [*:2db1i601]Move [*:2db1i601]Delete [*:2db1i601]Edit/Assign Tags
  12. I agree. I just verified the sharing options and it does indeed state for the "Modify this notebook" option: "view, create, edit, and delete notes".
  13. The preference for how this should work will probably vary widely with end-users. My preference, as the OWNER of the Notes, would be to keep the permissions as they are. I would NOT want any of the users who had shared access to delete or move any of the shared notes or Notebooks. Perhaps a workaround would be to create tags the shared user could assign to indicate "delete" and "move", which you could process later. Another thought is to reconsider your organizational strategy. If you are currently relying heavily on Notebooks, consider using Tags instead of Notebooks where you can. You may find this is objectionable at first. I did. I would like hierarchical Notebooks. But it appears this is not going to happen any time soon. So, perhaps you can develop a tag strategy to achieve you organizational objectives.
  14. Please allow me to make some corrections: 1. Mac Shortcut Keys for Navigation (shown on the View menu): [*:3aoww580]Back: CMD-[ [*:3aoww580]Forward: CMD-] 2. Note History List [*:3aoww580]July like EN Win, click and hold on the Back or Forward button [*:3aoww580]The list of Notes recently viewed will be listed
  15. Google search will return both free and for-purchase programs. I have found Google to be a great tool, with a little bit of due diligence. Have you tried appending "review" to the Google search? You can also search the Mac forums (Apple, MacWorld, MacRumors, etc) for discussions, recommendations.
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