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  1. Whatever syntax Evernote wants to use is fine with me as long as results are the same. Sorry Jeff, didn't notice that you had previously proposed a similar approach, or I would have just endorsed it. So Jeff, as a developer you have a good understanding of what might be required to change the underlying SQL. Does this seem like a modest amount of effort to you, or would it be a big undertaking?
  2. I think this is an EXCELLENT idea! It has many potential applications. If by "disambiguate" (I've noticed you love to use those big words :wink: ) you mean distinguish, seems like this would be simple enough. Perhaps the "$" symbol is not the best delimiter, but it is easy enough to come up with a delimiter that would work.
  3. Getting back to the subject of this topic, I have made a sincere effort to make Evernote work for me even though it doesn't have any type of hierarchical organization. I appreciate the many tips, suggestions, and work-arounds that have been offered, especially those by jbenson2. It's clear to me that Mr. Benson is both a very organized person, and a very inventive one. I have tried to adopt Mr. Benson's approach, but I don't seem to have the discipline and thoroughness to make sure every note is entered with all of the tags that I will need in the future. I use Evernote extensively in both my professional and personal affairs. And in both, I am having Notes that are "falling between the cracks" because I have forgot to enter both the Parent tags and the specific tag I need for the Note. We certainly want to avoid breaking the current system, so I wonder if the following approach would allow the system to continue to work as it does now, but also allow us, who so desire, to take advantage of the Tag hierarchy. PROPOSAL 1. In a search, if we apply a plus symbol ("+") at the end of the Tag name, the search would return any Note which had the Tag, OR any of its child tags. 2. Provide either a Preference, or a Checkbox near the Search box, of "Include Child Tags", that would result in the Search returning any Note with the Tag OR ANY of its child tags. EXAMPLE: Suppose that I have the following Tag structure: Financial --- Home ------ Insurance.H ------ Taxes.H ------ Mortgage ------ Repairs.H --- Auto ------ Insurance.A ------ Loan.A ------ Repairs.A So, if I clicked on the "Home" Tag, or I entered "tag:Home" in the Search block it would return ONLY those Notes with that tag. This is the behavior today. However, with the enhancement, the Search would return all Notes that had "Home" OR any of its child tags, IF I did EITHER of the following: 1. I entered "tag:Home+" 2. I checked the Preference, or a checkbox by the Search block, for "Include Child Tags" Since using either the "+" notation or the Preference/checkbox is really just modifying the underlying SQL code, this could be implemented with only a modest amount of effort. And, there is NO change to existing behavior. Your thoughts?
  4. I fully expected you to object, Jeff. And that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But you misinterpreted my post. I'm not trying to "control" anything. I simply made a suggestion that I thought would be helpful. You, and everyone else, can certainly post whatever you like as long a the forum administrators allow it. Each reader can make their own judgment as to whether or not the post adds value. I don't really care to debate with you or anyone else anything other than how Evernote could use hierarchical organization of Notes. Have a good day.
  5. I would like to thank Steve for clearly identifying 3 of the key issues related to hierarchical organization of data that has been exhaustively debated in these forums for years. It doesn't really matter if we are discussing hierarchical Notebooks/folders or Tags, the same basic concepts apply. Please note the color highlighting is mine, not Steve's. I would like to discuss each of these 3 issues: [*:1m1c6n2c]Respect the fact that different people will have different needs, views, and understanding of hierarchical relationships [*:1m1c6n2c]Can we do this? Can we all be professional and courteous and allow each poster to express their needs and ideas, regardless of whether or not we agree with the need, or understand the need, or whether or not Evernote will or will not ever implement the idea/suggestion/request? [*:1m1c6n2c]I honestly see no value in continually expressing the opinion that Evernote will not, or is not likely to, implement any suggestion, regardless of previous statements by Evernote employees [*:1m1c6n2c]People, companies, and developers have been known to change their mind or position on system features. [*:1m1c6n2c]I submit that we can all benefit the most from these discussions if we can focus on the feature itself -- how it might be used, designed, implemented (from a UI perspective) [*:1m1c6n2c]Having a method to organize Notes hierarchically is expected behavior by some [*:1m1c6n2c]Each of us may have different expectations about what is considered basic behavior by any given tool [*:1m1c6n2c]Our expectations are based on our own individual experience with similar products and knowledge of official and defacto standards/behavior in the software world. [*:1m1c6n2c]At this point there have been many, many people that have expressed the need for hierarchical organization in Evernote, and find that there is no way currently to meet their needs with the current feature set. [*:1m1c6n2c]So, whether or not you agree with it, for many this is a valid need, and it is reasonable to expect Evernote to provide hierarchical organization of notes. [*:1m1c6n2c]Organizing information in a hierarchical manner is natural or intuitive for some, but apparently not for others [*:1m1c6n2c]Each of us may think differently, and organize information differently. [*:1m1c6n2c]Some people are more organized than others [*:1m1c6n2c]Some people do have real needs to organize info in a hierarchical manner, whether or not you understand it or not [*:1m1c6n2c]So if you don't see the need, perhaps it is just that you think differently. Not wrong, just different. [*:1m1c6n2c]So if you don't see the need for hierarchical organization, please spare us the repeated comments that "it is not needed" or "there are other ways to achieve the same result in Evernote". I guess the bottom line is this: Can we please move beyond debating the need for hierarchical organization, and focus on how it might be implemented (Tags, Notebooks, folders, etc). Thanks for your consideration of this request.
  6. We really need to keep Evernote focused, single-minded, no bloat. I'm sure that if this is really needed by enough people then some 3rd party app or trunk app could do this. --- OH WAIT! What am I saying??? This kind of rebuttal is for Evernote Evangelists! --- BUT WAIT! The request is from an Evangelist!?!?! --- We must be having role reversal!?!? Just kidding. Didn't know that Evangelists were allowed to request new features. :wink: Actually I think it is a good idea. My only request is that EN fix the bugs first.
  7. Has there been a new Mac version that fixes these issues? Are the versions with release notes documented somewhere?
  8. There is something wrong with the EverNote font scaling between platforms. EverNote text I create on Win7 with Arial 10 does NOT show as Arial 10 on either the iPad or iPhone. It appears much, much smaller on the iPhone/iPad.
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