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I use Evernote every day; laptop, ipad and iphone; home, work, 

office, school - LOVE it.


But, I would like to be able to assign a reminder to a note. 


Example: free trial of Amazon Prime. If I don't like it, my ccard will 

be charged in 30 days. A reminder ping that could be set 3 days 

before automatically being charged would be nice so I could avoid the 

hassle of requesting a refund.




Thanks. Keep up the awesomeness.
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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Thanks for this suggestion.  It's been discussed before that Evernote should have more calendar-related functions,  but there have been no signs that they want to become another 'to-do' app.  In any case adding functions to Evernote just so you can use it for everything isn't necessarily a good idea. 


You have to use other software for some specialised things anyway - why not just use some external reminder software to generate your alerts?  You can embed note links into reminders if there's data involved.  Have a look at Azendoo which looks rather complicated at first,  but I've found works pretty well as a personal reminder system;  and it allows me to link Evernotes with reminders.

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if you want to create reminders for Evernote without leaving Evernote, you can use followupthen.com


You can share a note to an email address, for example 3days@followupthen.com, which will provide a reminder for that note in your inbox, in three days time.


If you want an alert on your iphone when this email reminder arrives, you can use a service called IFTTT.com which monitors your gmail inbox and generates an alert in an app called "boxcar" on your iphone.


I made a video how to do this, you can check it out here



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