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  1. hey OP, how I would handle this situation, is to quickly create all the tasks or notes without tags in the default notebook "inbox". Then when I'm at my computer or laptop, I can ctr-click all the notes that need the same tags, and add the necessary tags all at once. Would this be an option in your case?
  2. thank you gatorbrit!! adamdwright, I will soon re-introduce an additional offer with skype call... To everybody on the Evernote forum: if you are interested in buying my book and have questions, feel free to ask them here or send me an email. matt@afterthebook.com Actually if you have any question about how I use Evernote, regardless of your interest in my book, feel free to fire them! Just let me know if I can help.
  3. OK I’ve read it and here is my feedback: The guide is 20 pages including a TOC and an intro about GTD, the Evernote setup starts at page 5. The guide shows how to create a notebook for every “GTD bucket” For example they create a notebook for each next action context. Page 7-8-9-10 are mainly focused on explaining what should go in the common GTD lists. In two paragraphs, they touch very briefly on linking next actions with projects with tags but remain vague and issue more of a warning about tags becoming “unwieldy”. Page 13 and 14 are focused on creating a default notebook “inbox” and how you can send notes to it (email or web clipper) Page 17-18 is about the decision tree how to get inbox to zero and a page about what should go on your calendar. Page 19-20 is about organizing reference materialn including an example using tags. In and between are more examples and tips on how to use Evernote for GTD. I would say this is a good guide for anyone completely new to GTD and Evernote, however not recommended for the advanced or experienced user.
  4. "Remember everything" OK they've got that one down. Thanks to browser plugins and the iphone app, I can use it as a ubiquitous capturing tool. "Communicate effectively" not sure they've got this one down, I don't see Evernote as a communication tool although I would love to have fully integrated email in Evernote. "Get things done" Calendar integration would be nice but the reminders are already a huge step forward, I hope the windows version follows soon. I agree with Gazumped that Evernote should remain software you can use as you want, I don't think they mean David Allen's GTD specifically either... I sure hope Evernote will continue to evolve to even be better for GTD. Again the reminders are a huge step forward.
  5. I like your approach in the screenshot, it's very original! It's so cool you can use evernote in a million ways. Can you give more info about the product you are working on?
  6. sorry I didn't make myself clear, rereading my sentence is a bit gibberish ;-) The question in fact is "How do you create a reminder for a note" I'm afraid that when I'm working on a note in Evernote and I want to set a reminder, I'll first have to open your app, then find the note and then set the reminder...
  7. Can you create reminders from within the Evernote UI on windows, without leaving the software by tagging for example?
  8. well that's great news, can't wait to explore the new features, I was already expecting something as you can see in this post http://www.afterthebook.com/evernote-task-management/
  9. if you want to create reminders for Evernote without leaving Evernote, you can use followupthen.com You can share a note to an email address, for example 3days@followupthen.com, which will provide a reminder for that note in your inbox, in three days time. If you want an alert on your iphone when this email reminder arrives, you can use a service called IFTTT.com which monitors your gmail inbox and generates an alert in an app called "boxcar" on your iphone. I made a video how to do this, you can check it out here http://youtu.be/4sRhIQUacmk
  10. Hi there You can do this with a free service called "Followupthen.com" to get reminders in your inbox and with tags
  11. I'm working on a guide how to implement GTD in Evernote through a series of screencasts, feel free to check it out here www.afterthebook.com/GTD
  12. Thanks so much for adding this feature Evernote!
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