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  1. Dear Uryupinsk, I am not familiar with any of the programs you mentioned. I use the Microsoft Mathematics plugin for Microsoft Word for this purpose. It is good for documenting scientific formulas. I use it to show statistics formulas in the correct scientific notation in my papers. Below is a link to the Microsoft webpage about the plugin. I hope this information is helpful. Amie http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17786
  2. Hi Chuck, I do not have a need to do this, but I do have a few related suggestions for you to consider if you are just starting to go paperless. Several years ago I started switching all of my accounts to paperless billing. For all utilities, banking, credit cards, mortgage statements, etc, I have elected the option to stop receiving paper bills and statements. Each month I receive an email when the bill or statement is available on line. I click a link in the email, login to the organizations website, and download the document in a PDF format. I save them to an import folder on my hard drive so they are automatically imported to Evernote and I am done. You might want to check at filethis.com. You can also find it in the Evernote Trunk. filethis is a web service that checks your online accounts each week for new documents (statements, bills, etc) and automatically sends them to Evernote. They have support for many of the companies I do business with and it is great. I don't have to do or think about anything to have a searchable record in Evernote of all my statements and bills. Amie
  3. Hi Chuckaug, I have been using Scansnap for almost one year and love it. I have spent months scanning in about the equivalent of a 9 ft. pile of documents, plus books and photos, and organizing them all in Evernote. I have tried several different methods and settled on this one. I scan the documents in the way I want them grouped into a single PDF. So sometimes I might scan only one page at a time, or if a document is multiple pages (e.g. statement, insurance policy, etc.) I will scan those together, or I might group multiple related documents in a batch (e.g. all W-2s and 1099s from my 2012 taxes) if I want them all in one PDF. When I first started going paperless I thought that each document needed to be its own note in Evernote. This was taking me for ever to scan and process. However, with the ability to search on the content of PDFs, I found that scanning groups of closely related documents was more efficient and still enabled me to find what I need easily. When the scan is done processing, I select the option to save the scan to a folder and I save it to one of several folders I have setup to import into different notebooks. I do not have an Import Folder created for every notebook, but for those that I I have store scanned documents to regularly I have found this to be very helpful in streamlining the scanning and organizing process. Before I click the save button, I change the default file name to a meaningful name that I want to be the title of the document in Evernote. After these three steps, my paper documents are scanned, stored in my desired notebook in Evernote, and the notes are named withthe title I want. No further processing necessary and they are fully search able in Evernote. It takes a few more minutes up front, but I have actually found that it saves significantly more time later in processing and organizing the files in Evernote. I initially tried scanning a larger number of documents at a time because I thought it would be more efficient to fill the paper shute on the scanner. But the process of parsing the large files, nameing them, and getting them organized into the right folders in Evernote was much more effort intensive. I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but I hope it gives you somes ideas about how to process scans a little more efficiently than your current process. Amie
  4. Hi fflv, I have using Evernote for about the same length of time and use it for everything from work to school to personal business. We have gone entirely paperless at home and, because I travel a lot for work and attend an online university, having all of my information electronically and accessible from any device is critical. I am also working on a degree in psychology and I use Zotero for citation management to help assure that my in-text citations and references are formatted correctly for APA style. I am having a difficult time devising an effective workflow integrating Zotero and Evernote to help me manage research and papers. I want to place more emphasis on streamlining this workflow early this year because although I am still completing coursework, I am also starting to work on the research prospectus and the literature review for my dissertation. If you or anyone reading this thread has suggestions, I would be happy to get your input. Also, for the purposes of your ebook I would be happy to collaborate on a section about citation management and research management in general. Specifically with regard to the literature for my disseration, I am really struggling with keeping a clear notes about which articles I have read, where they applicable for my dissertation or not, if so why, what database did I find the article in, cross-referencing citations between articles (i.e. I found article x because it was used as a source in article y, etc.). I currently am using an excel spreadsheet provided by the schools writing center and it was useful for about a dozen articles, but trying to combine information in the spreadsheet, with the annotated PDFs in Zotero, and notes in Evernote I am starting to feel that I am spending more time managing the process than focusing on my research and literature review. Anyway, count me in if I can help in anyway. I think it would be valuable to address the struggle I mentioned above but maybe in a more generic way that could be used with any other bibliography management software such as RefWorks or Bibme. I would be glad to collaborate with someone on this section and specifically on defining an effective workflow. I know it would benefit me personally, so I assume others would benefit as well. Kudos for taking on this initiative. Amie
  5. Hi Raul, Thank you for the tips. It is brilliant. I could not get it to work by dragging the file from the Zotero stoage location to the Add Link dialogue box in Evernote, but I was able to create a short cut to the PDF and move the shortcut to the Evernote note. Just dragging the file would be a little bit easier and eliminate a couple steps so I will work around with this a little more. But in the meantime, thank you for pointing me in a good direction. Also, I am curious about your use of box.net. Are you using the new stand alone version of Zotero or the one integrated with Firefox? I am using the version in Firefox. I do have it on both my work and home computers, but the Zotero in firefox automatically syncs with zotero.org and when I open it in the browser on either computer it automatically starts the sync process. But I have not tried the stand alone version since it was introduced so maybe it does not have the automatic sync feature. Thanks again! Amie
  6. Hi Abdulaziz, Have you looked at the values automatically populated in the "Source" attribute on each note? For notes that are created using the Evernote web clipper, Evernote automatically populates this attribute with the value web.clip. For any notes emailed to your Evernote account, the source attribute is populated with mail.smtp. Notes added from a particular application will have the name of the application such as Clearly or ms.app.outlook, etc. I do not know what other values might be populated in the source field because these are my primary methods of getting notes into Evernote, aside from files I drag into an import folder on my local drive or scan in with my scansnap. Also, for notes that come from an email source, the name of the person who sent the email is automatically captured in the Author attribute on the note. For notes clipped in from the web, the Source URL attribute is populated with the URL for the page clipped. I hope this information is helpful. Based on the examples you provided, I thought you might be able to streamline your tagging process by taking advantage of some of the information Evernote is already capturing for each note created. Amie
  7. Hi Dmitry, I would find this a very valuable tool. Hi BurgersNFries, Where do you find the "Send to Outlook" button (when it appears)? Amie
  8. Hi SaltyPaws, This is a good question and I am looking forward to seeing replies from other users. One of the best ways to learn about integration partners is to check the Trunk periodically to review the available options. I use a few different apps with Evernote that I find increase my productivity. FileThis is a service that monitors your various online accounts and sends new documents to Evernote. For example, they support many banks, utilities, investment, and insurance companies. Link FileThis to your online accounts with their supported business partners, then FileThis checks for new documents once a week and sends them to Evernote. https://filethis.com IFTTT (If this then that) - This is an excellent solution to help automate many online activities. I use IFTTT to monitor some RSS feeds for particular content and then have the posts that meet my filter criteria sent to Evernote. I also use IFTTT to send updates from LinkedIn and Facebook to Evernote. There are many other trigger applications you can use to have information automatically sent to Evernote. https://ifttt.com KustomNote is great to assure a consistent format for a particular type of note. I am currently using it to create and manage a home inventory. I have several other ideas in mind but I need to get through the home inventory first. You can get other ideas for how people are using KustomNote by looking at the public templates that are available. kustomnote.com EV is a quick way to create a new note in Evernote by sending a text. www.txtev.com I use Evernote on Windows and my Blackberry. There are several iOS third party apps that look like they would be beneficial but I have not been able to evaluate these. I hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas. Amie
  9. Dear svidd and all, This discussion seems to have veered off the original topic a bit. My question to svidd is "what is the purpose of your large collection of PDFs"? Are you a student or in a position which requires you to cite articles in papers that you write or is your large collection of PDFs for personal reference? If you are in a position that requires you to write papers that need sitations, I highly recommend Zotero. I am working on a PhD in psychology. I do a lot of research, have a lot of PDFs, and write many papers that require formal citations and references. I rely on Zotero to help me create and organize my collection of PDFs related to my school work and research becuase it enables me to easily capture from the internet all the required information needed in the reference list per the APA style guide and it automates inserting the citations and generating the reference list at the end of the paper. Dear all readers of this post, I would be happy to see an integration between Zotero and Evernote. Based on my online research to date, I have not found any references to plans for such an integration. Zotero is very strong for; a) capturing, creating, and formating bibliographies based on mutiple style guides; collecting required bibliographic information from online sources; and, c) downloading and cataloging PDF articles with a mouse click. In addition to organizing PDFs, you can collect information about type of resource you might want to cite in a paper. It also provides the ability to link entries and take notes about each entry, however the note taking capabilities are rudimentary. It would be very helpful if there was a way to link Evernote Notes with Zotero items. I am aware of the ability to paste the note URL and I can do that to provide a one way link from Zotero to a specific note in Evernote, but it is not really a smooth process. Is there anyone else using Zotero and Evernote for research and scholarly writing? If so, would you mind sharing about how you are using both tools to help organize your research and writing? Thank you in advance. Amie
  10. I am working on a PhD in psychology through an online university, Walden. I am very dependent on zotero. It is an excellent application for managing research material and creating citations and reference lists in APA format in research papers. I especially like that it provides the ability to link one item to another; I find this very useful for linking papers that were referenced in another article. I am a huge fan of zotero and highly recommend it for authors to help create citations and reference lists that must comply with a particular style guide. The two primary software tools I use for school are zotero and evernote. I use evernote to store class syllabus, reference materials provided by the instructor, my assignments, and, thanks to the firefox web clipper, I save each week’s discussion blog to evernote. I use zotero as my bibliography manager and to store PDF versions or clips of web pages for each entry. I feel that a gap I have is how best to capture and make notes about each of the articles I have in zotero. On the PDF, I can use the annotation features to highlight and make notes, but they are not easily searchable without opening the particular PDF. I have been using the notes feature in zotero to capture my high-level summary of each PDF, but the notes are not as flexible and searchable as notes in evernote. I am struggling to come up with a good way to integrate zotero and evernote. Evernote is not a citation manager; and zotero is not intended for capturing and organizing notes, ideas, and thoughts. I need a solution more effectively use zotero and evernote together to help me manage my research, writing, class assignments, and dissertation research. I know that evernote recently introduced the ability to create note links, but I do not think that copying and pasting a note link from evernote into the notes on an item in zotero is the right way. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am working on a PhD in psychology through an online university, Walden. I am very dependent on zotero. It is an excellent application for citations and bibliogrophis.
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