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  1. Dear Uryupinsk, I am not familiar with any of the programs you mentioned. I use the Microsoft Mathematics plugin for Microsoft Word for this purpose. It is good for documenting scientific formulas. I use it to show statistics formulas in the correct scientific notation in my papers. Below is a link to the Microsoft webpage about the plugin. I hope this information is helpful. Amie http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17786
  2. Hi RM Roop, Kustomnote.com also offers a reminder option when you create notes through the Kustomnote web interface. It is not a to-do application, but allows you to set an email reminder for notes. Amie
  3. Hi Joseph, I can understand your frustration with a technical problem that you cannot get resolved quickly. I am sure you have tried this, but have you tried uninstalling Evernote from each of your devices and then reinstalling the most current version from the Evernote site? I currently have Evernote syncing with the work and personal laptops (Windows), my Samsung Galaxy, my husband's Windows laptop, his iPad, and his iPhone. Several months ago I unexpectedly started having a problem syncing on one of my Windows laptops. I completely uninstalled Evernote, including finding where the data is stored and deleting the database too; if you just uninstall the application, it still leaves the database so I removed the database too because just reinstalling the app didn't work. After completely removing the app and database and reinstalling the current version, I was able to sync again. It took a few hours to resync because I had over 10,000 notes at that time. If your web account is up to date with all of your notes, then perhaps this solution will help you and you won't lose any data; but if you have notes on your device that have not synced up to the web, then you would lose those notes with this approach. Good luck. I hope this is helpful. Amie
  4. Hi mrjfong, I personally do not have a need for this functionality. I agree with the comments of others, and those in the posts shared by BurgersNFries that an automated delete would be dangerous. However, I have an idea. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and records management is an important compliance requirement. After records (including hard copy and electronic data) reach a certain date, they need to be physically destroyed unless there is a legal or tax hold on the documents, in which case it would be a criminal offense to destroy the documents. Every year in February we have a "records retention day" and we have to sign a statement confirming that we have reviewed all of our records and destroyed those that are eligible for destruction. This is just an idea to consider if you are concerned about deleting temporary documents to unclutter your Evernote repository. Define categories for how long you want to retain certain documents (i.e. a retention schedule); based on your requirements description might be 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 3 years, etc. You could assign these tags to documents that you only needed temporarily. Then you could create saved search for each of the retention schedules such as tag:30days,-updated:30-days. I believe this search would find any notes tagged with "30days" and the updated field more that 30 days ago. Then you could review each note to confirm if you want to delete it or not. This is not automated and would require your periodic review, but I personally think this would be better than an automated deletion of documents. I hope this gives you some ideas to consider. Amie
  5. Hi Chuck, I do not have a need to do this, but I do have a few related suggestions for you to consider if you are just starting to go paperless. Several years ago I started switching all of my accounts to paperless billing. For all utilities, banking, credit cards, mortgage statements, etc, I have elected the option to stop receiving paper bills and statements. Each month I receive an email when the bill or statement is available on line. I click a link in the email, login to the organizations website, and download the document in a PDF format. I save them to an import folder on my hard drive so they are automatically imported to Evernote and I am done. You might want to check at filethis.com. You can also find it in the Evernote Trunk. filethis is a web service that checks your online accounts each week for new documents (statements, bills, etc) and automatically sends them to Evernote. They have support for many of the companies I do business with and it is great. I don't have to do or think about anything to have a searchable record in Evernote of all my statements and bills. Amie
  6. Hi Chuckaug, I have been using Scansnap for almost one year and love it. I have spent months scanning in about the equivalent of a 9 ft. pile of documents, plus books and photos, and organizing them all in Evernote. I have tried several different methods and settled on this one. I scan the documents in the way I want them grouped into a single PDF. So sometimes I might scan only one page at a time, or if a document is multiple pages (e.g. statement, insurance policy, etc.) I will scan those together, or I might group multiple related documents in a batch (e.g. all W-2s and 1099s from my 2012 taxes) if I want them all in one PDF. When I first started going paperless I thought that each document needed to be its own note in Evernote. This was taking me for ever to scan and process. However, with the ability to search on the content of PDFs, I found that scanning groups of closely related documents was more efficient and still enabled me to find what I need easily. When the scan is done processing, I select the option to save the scan to a folder and I save it to one of several folders I have setup to import into different notebooks. I do not have an Import Folder created for every notebook, but for those that I I have store scanned documents to regularly I have found this to be very helpful in streamlining the scanning and organizing process. Before I click the save button, I change the default file name to a meaningful name that I want to be the title of the document in Evernote. After these three steps, my paper documents are scanned, stored in my desired notebook in Evernote, and the notes are named withthe title I want. No further processing necessary and they are fully search able in Evernote. It takes a few more minutes up front, but I have actually found that it saves significantly more time later in processing and organizing the files in Evernote. I initially tried scanning a larger number of documents at a time because I thought it would be more efficient to fill the paper shute on the scanner. But the process of parsing the large files, nameing them, and getting them organized into the right folders in Evernote was much more effort intensive. I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but I hope it gives you somes ideas about how to process scans a little more efficiently than your current process. Amie
  7. Thanks for your help. It's a little more 'manual' than I was looking for. I was hoping someone might have produced a template I could use to quickly fill in standard movie info. How did you manage to clip all that data from IMDb? I tried using Evernote Clip and found I could clip the text or the image but not both, unless I clipped the whole page. Thanks again, appreciate the quick response. Have you looked at Kustomnote.com? It is very good if you want a template to capture the same information in a standard format. I have used it for capturing a home inventory in Evernote and my next project is to catalog all of my karaoke CDGs and songs. You can find Kustomnote in the trunk.
  8. Hi fflv, I have using Evernote for about the same length of time and use it for everything from work to school to personal business. We have gone entirely paperless at home and, because I travel a lot for work and attend an online university, having all of my information electronically and accessible from any device is critical. I am also working on a degree in psychology and I use Zotero for citation management to help assure that my in-text citations and references are formatted correctly for APA style. I am having a difficult time devising an effective workflow integrating Zotero and Evernote to help me manage research and papers. I want to place more emphasis on streamlining this workflow early this year because although I am still completing coursework, I am also starting to work on the research prospectus and the literature review for my dissertation. If you or anyone reading this thread has suggestions, I would be happy to get your input. Also, for the purposes of your ebook I would be happy to collaborate on a section about citation management and research management in general. Specifically with regard to the literature for my disseration, I am really struggling with keeping a clear notes about which articles I have read, where they applicable for my dissertation or not, if so why, what database did I find the article in, cross-referencing citations between articles (i.e. I found article x because it was used as a source in article y, etc.). I currently am using an excel spreadsheet provided by the schools writing center and it was useful for about a dozen articles, but trying to combine information in the spreadsheet, with the annotated PDFs in Zotero, and notes in Evernote I am starting to feel that I am spending more time managing the process than focusing on my research and literature review. Anyway, count me in if I can help in anyway. I think it would be valuable to address the struggle I mentioned above but maybe in a more generic way that could be used with any other bibliography management software such as RefWorks or Bibme. I would be glad to collaborate with someone on this section and specifically on defining an effective workflow. I know it would benefit me personally, so I assume others would benefit as well. Kudos for taking on this initiative. Amie
  9. Hi didaquis, I think this would be a useful feature for the reason you explained. In addition, I would suggest an option of "send to trash" or "permanent delete". Amie
  10. Hi Ananas, If you are using Microsoft Word, you can install the Equation Editor from Microsoft. I have used it to create papers for my statistics classes and it supported all of the features I needed for statistical writing in APA style. Amie
  11. Hi Raul, Thank you for the tips. It is brilliant. I could not get it to work by dragging the file from the Zotero stoage location to the Add Link dialogue box in Evernote, but I was able to create a short cut to the PDF and move the shortcut to the Evernote note. Just dragging the file would be a little bit easier and eliminate a couple steps so I will work around with this a little more. But in the meantime, thank you for pointing me in a good direction. Also, I am curious about your use of box.net. Are you using the new stand alone version of Zotero or the one integrated with Firefox? I am using the version in Firefox. I do have it on both my work and home computers, but the Zotero in firefox automatically syncs with zotero.org and when I open it in the browser on either computer it automatically starts the sync process. But I have not tried the stand alone version since it was introduced so maybe it does not have the automatic sync feature. Thanks again! Amie
  12. Thank you both for the quick reply and helpful ideas. I have been using Bitqwick the last couple of week which is what has prompted to to have a renewed interest in creating saved searches. I like gazumped's idea for my immediate application. I have gotten behind in processing my inbox and have almost 800 notes. I am creating a series of saved searches to help me prioritize and process the inbox; I like to keep zero notes in my inbox:) I was looking for an easy way to check if I have missed capturing anyting in a saved search and I think the idea of running the searches, applying a temporary tag, and then looking for everything without the tag will accomplish exactly what I need right now. Thank you both again. Amie
  13. Dear Evernote Experts, Does anyone know of a way to create and advanced search that specifically excludes notes that might have matching criteria but are already found in another saved search? Thank you in advance for your help. Amie
  14. Hi Abdulaziz, Have you looked at the values automatically populated in the "Source" attribute on each note? For notes that are created using the Evernote web clipper, Evernote automatically populates this attribute with the value web.clip. For any notes emailed to your Evernote account, the source attribute is populated with mail.smtp. Notes added from a particular application will have the name of the application such as Clearly or ms.app.outlook, etc. I do not know what other values might be populated in the source field because these are my primary methods of getting notes into Evernote, aside from files I drag into an import folder on my local drive or scan in with my scansnap. Also, for notes that come from an email source, the name of the person who sent the email is automatically captured in the Author attribute on the note. For notes clipped in from the web, the Source URL attribute is populated with the URL for the page clipped. I hope this information is helpful. Based on the examples you provided, I thought you might be able to streamline your tagging process by taking advantage of some of the information Evernote is already capturing for each note created. Amie
  15. Hello Amie, Some time in the future there will be Save/Load query feature in BitQwik, but not right now. Can't you save the Evernote query as a saved search when BitQwik loads the search into the Evernote client? (Right click on the Search Explanation bar in Evernote and then select Save Search). -- roschler Yes, thank you roschler. This definitely does work. For a future enhancement, as you described, it would be beneficial to have one search interface for Evernote. I am very impressed with BitQwik so far and I am looking forward to seeing the future developments. Amie
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