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(Archived) Can someone figure out your EN address and mail you stuff?

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Hi Chris - email addresses are easy to create - start with a domain @example.com and load the front end with all the name and number variations you can think of.  Bulk spam the lot at a mail server and ignore the ones that come back with 'address not known' and random versions thereof.  The rest are live addresses - spam at will.  Rinse and repeat with as many variations as you can,  as quickly as is possible with email,  and you build up to a nice naughty mailing list.  I'm told.  Or I read somewhere.  (Actually I was a spam cop at an ISP B) )


Evernote have my user name - and it's not what you see here - plus a number of random characters.  So as long as 1) it's hard to get my user name,  and 2) it's further protected by 100,000-option random add-on characters,  I think it's pretty safe from online attack.  There's more risk someone could look at my monitor and copy it.


Edit:  PS have you noticed your signature is hinky?

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