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  1. For me, it defaults to saving the full article when using Chrome. If I quickly click on the EN icon while its saving I can change it to just save text. Either way, the result that is saved does not reflect what I was expecting. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks.
  2. I thought EN clipped pages as screenshots, I did not realize they were HTML based. 1. Do you make your custom selection by using the highlighter to highlight the portion you want? I did this and the result was a bit off. 2. How do you get your clipped HTML pages out of EN? Just copy and paste into another document? Thanks.
  3. I make .PDF files of web page articles and info all the time on my Mac, and then I will generally save it to a folder on my Mac. What is the advantage to instead making a web clipping using an EN extension? I am guessing it is the ease of tagging it for finding later? If so, what about just uploading my .PDF into EN and tagging that? What am I missing? Thanks.
  4. How do I clip portions of a web page on my Note 4? I checked Google Play but did not see an extension for doing this? Thanks.
  5. I accidentally pasted over some text while using Evernote in Chrome on the web. When I tried to undo it by Command + Z nothing happened. How do you do this? Thanks.
  6. I just added the extension to Chrome and want to clip a specific region of my screen, however, it seems like I am able to expand the clip to the whole web page, or only certain areas that it lets me clip. I am having a hard time specifically moving the clip to "Markets at a Glance" or "US Stocks" on this page: http://online.wsj.com/mdc/page/marketsdata.html?mod=WSJ_topnav_marketdata_main Is there a way to move my clip to just those areas? I have the options set to clip article under default action and I have Article selection set to Enabled. Thanks.
  7. Is there a way to shorten the address that is provided when you share a note/notebook? If someone is simply going to click on the link in an email, it works fine, though it would be nice if there was a way to shorten the URL so that someone could possibly remember it? Is there anyway to do this?
  8. 1. When you say the students then email their completed assignments to the teachers, do you mean they share the note and type in the instructor's email to send it, or is this something different? 2. How do the students know their teacher's Evernote email address? Is it shown to students somehow in an address book, or does the teacher have to give it to them? I'm obviously new to Evernote so thanks for your patience!
  9. If this is not possible, how are you using it as a teacher to make sure students do not make changes to their work after it is submitted? Say the due date is tomorrow, a student submits his/her final work, while I am going through all 35 of my students work, what is to stop a student from logging into his/her account and changing info/content/answers? OR am I missing the way that it is being used by some teachers to have students submit work? Thanks.
  10. I have my students sketch out ideas using pencil/pen and paper in sketchbooks. I would like to explore using Evernote as a way to create digital sketchbooks for my students where they are able to draw the same way with pencil and paper in their sketchbooks, though they would then scan or take a photo of their work and upload it to a notebook in Evernote that they would then share with me, and maybe their fellow students. 1. If a student shares a link to his/her notebook with me once, and continues to add images to it over the semester, will I only need that one link? Does the student need to send me another link for any reason? 2. Using the free accounts, is the only limitation for students that they can only upload 25MB per month? Are there any other limitations that might affect this plan? Thanks.
  11. I'm looking into using Evernote to have students create notebooks and later share those notebooks with me for grading and feedback. 1. Is there a way to prevent students from making additional changes to their notebooks after they submit them? 2. Is there a timestamp indicating the last time something was changed or updated? Thanks.
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