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  1. For me, it defaults to saving the full article when using Chrome. If I quickly click on the EN icon while its saving I can change it to just save text. Either way, the result that is saved does not reflect what I was expecting. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks.
  2. I thought EN clipped pages as screenshots, I did not realize they were HTML based. 1. Do you make your custom selection by using the highlighter to highlight the portion you want? I did this and the result was a bit off. 2. How do you get your clipped HTML pages out of EN? Just copy and paste into another document? Thanks.
  3. I make .PDF files of web page articles and info all the time on my Mac, and then I will generally save it to a folder on my Mac. What is the advantage to instead making a web clipping using an EN extension? I am guessing it is the ease of tagging it for finding later? If so, what about just uploading my .PDF into EN and tagging that? What am I missing? Thanks.
  4. How do I clip portions of a web page on my Note 4? I checked Google Play but did not see an extension for doing this? Thanks.
  5. Do the scanning apps actually do anything different than just taking the picture and saving the files as .pdf? Is the actual process of "scanning" any different? Thanks.
  6. I'm going to go through all of the documents in my office and store them in Evernote. I'd like to do this with my Android Note3. 1. As far as I know, if I take a picture from within Evernote, it is just a picture and not a scan, correct? 2. Has anyone tried using an app like Scanbot to scan a document and then place it into Evernote? Any thoughts on doing it this way? Thanks!
  7. I accidentally pasted over some text while using Evernote in Chrome on the web. When I tried to undo it by Command + Z nothing happened. How do you do this? Thanks.
  8. 1. Do I need both the data folder and the .plist file? 2. Does this contain everything for both of my accounts? Thanks!
  9. I'm a Premium user and am using Evernote on my Mac with two accounts that I switch back-and-forth between. I want to make sure that I have a backup of everything. 1. I open an account and select all my notes choose file > export notes .enex does this backup everything for the account? 2. Do I now need to open the other account and do the same thing or is it already backed up from step 1? 3. Anything else I need to do to back my data up? other files? Thanks!
  10. I have a Premium account and switch between 2 accounts on my desktop app on my Mac. Can this also be done on Android? Thanks
  11. What do you mean by "If you want to refine your search, use the intitle:tv parameter. " What is this parameter? Thanks.
  12. I have a Note called tv and it contains lots of links, info and .PDF files I have collected about different tvs that I may want to buy. The word TV ends up being highlighted in yellow in my tv note when I do a search for tv, however, the note ends up being the 17th note returned in my search results, and some of the notes above it do not even seem to have the word tv in it? I even added a tag of tv to the note and that still does not change anything. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. I see, so I was trying to do this with Notes and you can only do it with Notebooks. One of the options when sharing a Notebook is to allow others to view activity. What types of activty will the other people have access to see? Thanks.
  14. I was emailing the note and not sharing it. I am now trying to share a note by copying the url and then opening it in a browser all through the Evernote Mac app, though I still do not see an option for making someone login first? Thanks.
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