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Business versus personal email for sign up

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I have a question about the sign up process. Say we have a user:




Who has been using Evernote personally via his personal email




We would like to set up Evernote business for everyone @megacorp.com using "approve by email domain" as described in the FAQ, so Joe receives his invitation via his work email.


Can Joe accept this invitation for his existing @gmail.com address, or does his personal account have to be @megacorp.com?


If Joe is already premium Evernote, does the business sign up supersede that, so megacorp.com gets billed for the monthly business account, and Joe does not get billed for premium anymore?


If the intent of Evernote business is to allow people to use Evernote personally and professionally, and continue with their personal account after leaving megacorp.com, it would seem strange if they would continue to have an Evernote account registered to a megacorp.com email address after they have left.

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Hi Extropy,


It is a very good question and I have a feeling there will be more than one way to resolve this.


You could indeed sign 'Joe' up on the business and he could then log in to Evernote via two different email addresses.


I believe he could also change his email address to be that of his new 'Business' one which would mean he could then see both his 'Personal' and 'Business' 'Notes' at the same time.


As 'Joe' is not the new 'Business' account personally I would think he will have to 'downgrade' his account to a free account so he is not billed anymore.


I am interested to see what the options are from our Evernote employee colleagues as well.


Best regards



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Hi all,

Lets see if I can clarify this a bit. 


1) Joe can go to the business site and enter his work email to get auto invited to the business account. 

2) When we confirms his email address and clicks the link to activate his account he will be asked to:

a) Sign in using his existing account (recommended)

B) Create a new account.


3) If he joins the business with his existing Evernote account he can 

a) Add his work email address during the join flow

B) Add his work email on the settings page. (there is a field 'Business email' on the 'Personal settings' tab 


Essentially this allows users to have 2 email addresses associated with their Evernote account. The business email address will be used for all interactions with business content. I.e if he emails a business note the sender address will be what he enters in the 'Business email' field.


If Joe is already Premium he will get a gift card covering his remaining balance sent to his personal email. Once fully joined the business account will be charged for his seat.


Hope that helps. 

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what if joe has no spesific e-mail domain for work?


i am the admin of business account and i send and invite to joe@gmail.com, and he gots message [Join Company]

1-- when filling form he types business e-mail the same joe@gmail.com

2 -- and push "upgrade and join"

3-- gots this message "We are unable to activate your business account at this time. Please contact your business administrator"



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We'd have to look into your business account details to troubleshoot that. I strongly recommend you contact the Success team for help getting this resolved. The contact info is on the admin console.

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Trying the above, but I can't see the option for adding a business address under Personal Settings. Is this only available to premium users or business users? 

I have a personal Evernote linked to my gmail, but if someone in my office sends me a note I can't access it if they send it to my work address. Is there a way to be able to access it?



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