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  1. This version has driven me away from Evernote, and I had been a fully committed premium user and advocate since 2009. Unusable for more than 1 hour at a time on mac, flaky text editing, ancient problems not syncing fully to iOS, and requirement to reinstall, with associated long resync times every time I filed a bug report.
  2. Ok, I'll try the sign out, sign in. Didn't think of that. Both addresses are valid and associated with the same account (premium since 2009). I just want to swap primary/secondary.
  3. I've looked all over and I can't find the support page anymore. I need to report two problems: (1) Evernote 6.10 on OS X randomly consumes GB of memory, slowing the entire system down and requiring Evernote restart (2) I wanted to swap my primary and secondary emails, so I deleted the secondary, and when I tried to change the primary to what had been the secondary, it told me that email is already in use.
  4. Yes, the current version of Evernote, 6.10 (454267 Direct) goes berserk once or twice a day on my Mac, consuming > 1GB of memory and requires a restart.
  5. Hooray! I don't know when it happened, but this finally appears to be fixed. Just verified with Evernote for Mac 6.4 (452969 Direct) and Evernote on iPad version as follows: Create "Test Note" in "Incoming" notebook on Mac Sync Mac Sync iPad Use Applescript (I bind mine to ctrl-alt-n) to move "Test Note" to "Notes" notebook on Mac Sync Mac Sync iPad Verify "Test Note" is in "Notes" notebook on iPad and Mac Create "Test Note" in "Incoming" notebook on iPad Sync iPad Sync Mac Use Applescript (I bind mine t
  6. The link from the calendar entry for notes with reminders is very useful. If it used the internal evernote:// app link, which works on Mac and iOS, it would be even better, opening the note directly in Evernote instead of having to go through the web browser. Mostly, it is a question of convenience, but if I happened to not have Internet connectivity at the time, the feature would be broken. A direct evernote:// app link would not require an Internet connection.
  7. This is still not fixed. Evernote for Mac version Version 6.2 (452688 Direct), iPad version New ticket created #1332587 Problem has been open since July 2014
  8. Tried to check the status of the old ticket, #655982. I had received a response from Jason at Evernote support that the bug had been verified and passed to the developers. I tried to contact Evernote regarding the old ticket, and received a canned response that the ticket number is invalid. This is one of the recurring problems with Evernote support. We have no visibility into the status of tickets, even after they have been validated by support. For the new ticket, all I have received is a request for description, logs, etc. I do not intend to resubmit this information, so I expect the ne
  9. New ticket raised for this problem: 1050628 because I suspect the old one from Jul 2014 has been binned.
  10. This is still broken in Evernote (Mac) 6.0.5. Additional observation: If I move a note using the script shown above, it shows as being in the "Notes" notebook on the Mac where I moved it, but stays in "Incoming" notebook on all other synced systems (iOS and Windows verified, didn't check web but assume it is still in "Incoming" there). If I the use the "Move to Notebook" GUI function in Evernote, and select "Notes" notebook, even though it already has a checkmark next to it, then sync, the note is moved correctly across all synced platforms.
  11. I just did the following test. It still isn't fixed: Move a note from "Incoming" to "Notes" notebook using Applescript on MacBook Sync MacBook Sync iPad → Note still in "Incoming" Edit note on iPad Sync iPad Sync MacBook → The note syncs back to MacBook with correct edits, but moved back to "Incoming"
  12. Thanks, JMichael. I got a note yesterday from Jason at Evernote support, who has verified the problem and submitted it to the developers.
  13. I have a script that moves the currently selected note to a notebook called "Notes". It is mapped to ctrl-opt-f using "FastScripts" so I can quickly file things. I have been using it since 25 Jun 2014 with no trouble. Since 23 Jul 2014, moving notes with this script causes the change to "Notes" notebook to not sync. The note is still in "Notes" on the Mac client (5.5.2 (402634 Direct)) where I used the script, but not on any of the other clients (other Mac, iOS, web). I have confirmed this through repeated experiments. Here are the tests I did to confirm this: View a set of notes in the "
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