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  1. This version has driven me away from Evernote, and I had been a fully committed premium user and advocate since 2009. Unusable for more than 1 hour at a time on mac, flaky text editing, ancient problems not syncing fully to iOS, and requirement to reinstall, with associated long resync times every time I filed a bug report.
  2. Ok, I'll try the sign out, sign in. Didn't think of that. Both addresses are valid and associated with the same account (premium since 2009). I just want to swap primary/secondary.
  3. I've looked all over and I can't find the support page anymore. I need to report two problems: (1) Evernote 6.10 on OS X randomly consumes GB of memory, slowing the entire system down and requiring Evernote restart (2) I wanted to swap my primary and secondary emails, so I deleted the secondary, and when I tried to change the primary to what had been the secondary, it told me that email is already in use.
  4. Yes, the current version of Evernote, 6.10 (454267 Direct) goes berserk once or twice a day on my Mac, consuming > 1GB of memory and requires a restart.
  5. The key value of tags is the ability to have multiple filling mechanisms at once. I remember being fascinated as a kid when I saw an index card system (yes, when I was a kid we all learned how to use the index card system at the library - no Internetses back then!). Imagine an index card with a bunch of holes punched along the top edge. Now, when you file a card in a stack, you get to decide which of those holes remain closed, and which ones you punch out so they are open all the way to the edge. You then stack up all your cards in the drawer. If you want to select all the cards with, say,
  6. Here is an example of some notes I have taken with Mathematica, showing pasted graphics, a table, and some color coded equations: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3865353/Mathematica%20note%20taking.png
  7. Wolfram Mathematica Mathematica is very much more than a note taking application, but I use it for any kind of technical notes with equations, as well as a powerful math tool. As a student, you should be eligible for a very good discount, or might even have access to it through your school/university. Get used to the keyboard shortcuts and do a lot of copy/paste, and you'll be entering equations quickly in no time. It is also very useful for solving and manipulating these equations, making plots of curves, etc.
  8. I have a question about the sign up process. Say we have a user: Joe.Bloggs@megacorp.com Who has been using Evernote personally via his personal email Joe.Bloggs@gmail.com We would like to set up Evernote business for everyone @megacorp.com using "approve by email domain" as described in the FAQ, so Joe receives his invitation via his work email. Can Joe accept this invitation for his existing @gmail.com address, or does his personal account have to be @megacorp.com? If Joe is already premium Evernote, does the business sign up supersede that, so megacorp.com gets billed for the mo
  9. I just tried it with Pages - and it works even better! Borders are retained. When you say "cell/table autosize", does that also apply to the cell width? Copying and pasting from Pages, I get vertical autosize, but not horizontal.
  10. I just discovered a trick for making nice tables using Numbers and Evernote on a Mac: Create a Numbers spreadsheet and lay the table out like you want it Select the table cells or the whole table cmd-c (copy) In your note: cmd-v (paste) The table will come in as an Evernote table with nice formatting - except for borders, for some reason, but still very useful. Also, I save the original Numbers file in the note. If you open it from Evernote, it will update back to the same note when you close Numbers.
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