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  1. IFFT doesn't support business notebooks ! may be it support but i couldn't figure it out.
  2. what if joe has no spesific e-mail domain for work? i am the admin of business account and i send and invite to joe@gmail.com, and he gots message [Join Company] 1-- when filling form he types business e-mail the same joe@gmail.com 2 -- and push "upgrade and join" 3-- gots this message "We are unable to activate your business account at this time. Please contact your business administrator"
  3. i just did a downgrade to 5.0.6 (400960) version (not an app store version) and it seem works : )
  4. it work once a while ago (4-5 weeks) but now it does not work.. is there something did i do wrong? V 5.0.7 (400993)
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