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(Archived) Tables, Lists, Spreadsheets, OpenOffice & Evernote

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One of my projects for 2013 is to buy a new bottle of wine every time I'm out grocery shopping, thus giving me a chance to try something new and build up my "wine cellar" after my equatorial move. After buying the 4th bottle, I realized that it was going to be increasingly difficult to remember which ones I had already bought. I've started a very simple list (currently only 4 lines long) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to utilize Evernote so that while I am out shopping, I can pull up the note (once I pay for the premium services, of course) and see what I've already bought so I don't buy it again. I would love to have the ability to then on the spot add the new wine I buy to the EN list, but this part is a "wish" more than a "need". I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this in Evernote. Any suggestions?

I've already tried a simple spreadsheet in OpenOffice, which I could then copy and paste into Evernote, but this removes the synching aspect, as if I made any changes, it would not update the OpenOffice file. I tried making a spreadsheet in Evernote, but then I lose the ability to sort alphabetically, which would make finding wines already purchased a lot easier. I've tried linking the OO spreadsheet, but then I cannot make any on-the-go changes.

Are there other workarounds for this simple sort of task that I am overlooking? It really is a very simple list - just label, wine type, sub-type (for things like "fizzy" or "dessert wine") and a column for entering a rating once I have a chance to taste it. The only functionality I'm missing in a EN-only table is the alpha-sort. The only functionality I'm missing in any other solution is the synch. Help!

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Hi - seems to me a simple pic of the wine label would be best, plus a descriptive heading for name, type and sub-type. Use tags for your taste score, and your snippet view will show thumbnails of labels, while the headings will be in purchase order and you can filter by types or scores with searches and tags.

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Oh my goodness. I'm such a n00b! I obviously still need to get my head around the innovative way EN can allow me to organize my life. I didn't even think of utilizing Notebooks to create a new book just for my wine list - I feel like such a dunce. Thanks for the advice, @gazumped! I have already implemented - just waiting for a sunny day and good lighting to take the photos. :)

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Good luck! Sounds like a fun project.

- If you decide you need help with the tasting, just let me know...


Haha! You can help taste, only if you pay for your plane ticket to Brazil!

I am very excited that so many of the Chilean and Argentinian wines are so cheap (~$11USD for a bottle), so this is a great opportunity to follow in my father's footsteps - only he has a giant database of craft beers! Having a way to keep track of them all across multiple devices is a godsend.

Oh, and I have decided, my first paycheck will be 'donating' money for the Premium Membership. :D

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Perhaps Evernote Food would be another option?

Didn't know that even existed! Gave it a look, but I don't think it really meets my needs. Plus, I already have an app for my recipes, "The Recipe Box", and an app for finding local restaurants, "Kekanto", both of which I have set up precisely for my needs. EN Food looks nice, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that project yet. ^_^

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I tend to buy my wine about 200 bottles at a time.

But it doesn't last long enough to put it in the cellar. Just stays in the bar ready!

Oh, I forgot Mrs C6REW has said only one glass at dinner in the evening! Now where is that 70cl size glass I have!!!



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