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  1. I recently updated to the v.7.4 of Evernote. I am running OS 10.13.6 on a 2017 Mac Book Pro. I prefer seeing my notebook notes in the Side List view. Up until now, I only ever had the title field there. With the EN update, it now shows 'Relevance' - though relevant to what when I have nothing in the search field, I don't know - and there is NO OPTION to disable this field. This is driving me crazy, mostly because it takes up extra screen space unnecessarily. Is this a bug? A 'feature'? I've tried adding additional fields and removing them, but the 'Relevance' stays. (Note: I also have v7.4 of Evernote running on a 2010 iMac w/ OS 10.12.6, the same field showed up, with no option to remove, but when I added another field and then removed it, both it and the 'relevance' went away.) Help!
  2. First off, the key word is beta, as charboyd pointed out. Betas are released in an attempt to find out what does and doesn't work, and tweak accordingly. So I certainly wouldn't expect this to feel like a fully finished product. 1. Yes the missing Reminders are a bit annoying in the beta version, but we already have the answer for that. I typically only use the Reminders feature at work, and since all my work Notes exist in one Notebook, my current workaround is simply to add a character or number to the title so it sits on the top. I realize this doesn't work for everyone, but if you want to be someone to help make the beta better, it's best to use it as much as possible. 2. I don't get the extra clicks problem? I have the same amount of clicks to navigate, but I also use the Shortcuts in EN, so maybe that makes a difference for me? 3. Navigation-wise, the only thing I found confusing was how to indicate what notebook to put a note in when creating a new one. After playing around, I realized it is in the top corner of the page, defaulting to the last notebook you put a note in. Just click to change. I am not sure if I did not see it at first because of the contrast level of my screen, or if that part is just in need of some extra design enhancement. There is also an obvious font-size & font-type change between note titles and note content, so again, maybe that is a unique user problem and not global? 4. I will have to check the difference between Mac & PC, but this was the case before, so is that really a change? I use the app on my Mac at home, so I guess I do not notice a difference, because the two are already different. 5. We have the answer to that question now as well. Over all, I actually like the beta. Yes, there are some tweaks needed, but I like the clean feel. It reminds me of Google Keep, which is where I keep personal To Do lists and notes that have a short shelf life - less cleanup within EN that way, and I can do location reminders on Keep, which aren't available (as far as I know) on EN. I like the lack of distraction on the screen when creating a new note - just need to make the location of the note & tags for the note a little more obvious. I like the larger font because it doesn't strain my eyes when looking through EN on my computer screen. I don't have fancy tag trees, so I cannot comment on how the beta effects that. I always work in alpha order. So yes, beta will always need some bugs worked out, but I like the direction they are taking.
  3. A way to 'remember' styles of text used is nice in any app, especially if you are creating multiple notes within a notebook, but you want to make sure to use similar formatting for certain bits of text. That being said, EN was never intended to be a Word Processor. So I wouldn't expect anything fancy, but a type of Style 1, 2, 3 could be very handy. This definitely gets my vote.
  4. I don't know what everyone is using, but here's what I do. I use an iPad, and have a Mac. I use EN's program Skitch to take photos of items I want to insert into an EN. Then I edit that photo in Skitch to crop it down to only what I need. Then I just copy/paste that Skitch photo into an EN note (or you could simply "move" the note to the notebook of your choice via the desktop app). Skitch stores your photos in a special EN book, if you allow it to, so you're really not creating a lot of additional work for yourself, and you don't need to take extra steps to get the photo into your EN app. Now, that all being said, I'm not sure if the resolution the iPad takes is lesser than however else these photos are being taken. I also have never seen an option to set resolution of the photos the iPad takes - but they are not DSL quality, so it cannot be large. I am not sure EN should offer this feature of resizing, etc. when they already have an app that edits (to a certain extent) and utilizes the EN app - and if you want anything more powerful than that, there are plenty of apps out there to do so. EN isn't an image-centric app, it is an app to keep you organized. (Side note: Unless things have changed since the last time I was on a Window's OS unit, simply 'dragging the corners' doesn't reduce the size of the original image file, but it does affect how it appears in the document. In other words, the link is still to a large file, so it still has to access the large file before it sizes it. It may appear small, but it still takes up the same amount of file space. I don't think this is the best way to reduce file size. )
  5. I think someone else mentioned this, but I'm too lazy to go back and look. If you are making a list that is long enough that you need to have an auto-sort option for your list, why not just create each item in the list as a note, and put all those notes within a particular notebook? This way, you have all the current listing options for notes/notebooks at your disposal, and every time you need to add something from the list (or delete it), everything will be automatically resorted for you. This is what I did with my growing wine list. It makes it so much easier to add new entries, and any quick view of that notebook shows me what I have in alpha order, with no need for copying/pasting/deleting empty rows/etc.
  6. My whole life gets what I call a "feng shui" go-over about once a year. No one could ever call me a cluttered person! Of course, I realize some people prefer to have stacks of old papers everywhere and a filing system that holds things from the 1980's. If that works for them, great! But I cannot stand keeping things that I don't use/need any more, and I prefer to clean up smaller messes than large ones!
  7. True. I have tried just about every organizational system for Evernote at some point or another, but one thing I have kept throughout is my practice of titling notes YYMMDD + keywords. It turns out that all of the tags and notebooks weren't so useful (for me) after all. The idea of having YYMMDD was that, if all else fails (bugs in searches, etc.), at least my notes are organized chronologically. It turns out that this has almost always been sufficient for my needs. It will come as no surprise, I suppose, that I am a historian by training Which makes a very excellent point! No one can tell you the ONE way to organize your EN, because no one is YOU. What may work very well for one person may not work at all for another. As a graphic designer and general OCDer, I could never work with a YYMMDD in my EN, because my head doesn't work that way. I don't think to myself, "where is that note I made 3 months ago about a design concept?" I think "I'd like to tackle one of my illustration ideas today, let's see what's in the list". Some of my notes will be permanent (like my growing 'wine cellar' book), and some will be temporary (like my design ideas). But I do my best to name them and tag them appropriate to their use. The only thing I use a date naming system for is my photographs, because I simply take too many to give them all unique names and remember them all, when I can just have Lightroom title them YYMMDD-001, etc. Again, what works for one system may not work for another, so it is ultimately up to the individual to figure out what works best for them!
  8. It is neat to see how others arrange their work flow. I'm more of one of those "quick pass to get the major grime cleared up, then follow back around for the fine detailing" kind of organizer. Often if I'm trying out something new, I'll create a few entires (we'll call them entries as this applies to all of my organizational tics) and then play around with the best way to keep things straight, before going and making a zillion entries and finding I went about it all wrong. And you are right - while I have no where near to thousands of tags, posts, or notebooks, it isn't too hard on EN to clean things up, if you're using it as a working app, and not just an archival app.
  9. *start of DropBox promotion* I run on a desktop Mac with an iPad as my mobile gadget. DropBox is very easy to use and AWESOME! It works across multiple devices, and is essentially a cloud that holds whatever data you put there. Once you have a DropBox account, I highly recommending putting COPIES in your DropBox. I occasionally forget to hit the Option key when moving files to DropBox, only later to panic when I cannot find them on my desktop machine - then later realize after a quick Search that I moved the originals into DropBox. DropBox also allows you to decide what folders are private, public, and invite only - so if you have friends in the same class with DropBox, you can share files there just as easily as through EverNote. (though without all the handy tags, etc.) I even use it to share photos with family, and they share new items with me - it's like our own private share space, with the only limitation being storage amount. *end of DropBox promotion* As far as your EN synching issue is concerned, definitely open a ticket. I haven't had this issue yet, but then I haven't been recording 30-40 minutes of audio to synch. The issues could be multiple, or singular - but I am glad you were able to retrieve your text-based notes! And I agree with @gazumped: One thing I always do when I get on my desktop is hit the manual synch, just to make sure I'm working with the latest and greatest files. Otherwise you can find yourself with quite the mess!
  10. "Tag happy"? I wouldn't say that. This is exactly the feature that makes tags so powerful. With tags you can create cross-categorizations that work with other categorizations to help you narrow down your note database to those you are actually interested in. In the real world, categorizations like "car" and "receipts" and "expenses" are great choices (simple and descriptive, yet generic as well), but they're completely independent of each other (you can have receipts and expenses unrelated to anything automotive, and you can have receipts for things that are not expenses). Put them together, though, and they are that much more powerful. And in fact, I would definitely scan my car bill and apply just those sorts of tags -- generally speaking, Evernote makes it easy to apply tags. But yes, some discipline is required, as with any categorization system. And yes, if you can get by using content search as opposed to tags that you need to apply yourself usually (consider the web clipper's auto-tagging suggestions), then that's great too. I hear what you're saying, but with so many tags I don't see how you can remember where you file things each time. I tried doing it that way but I ended up with a bunch of notes that were sometimes filed here, sometimes filed there, sometimes neither, sometimes both. It was a mess. Of course that's just how I found it to be. I'm sure it would work wonders for someone else. I just lost interest when I was filing notes and trying to remember which tags to file them under. I think I see where both of you are coming from - and I think the main thing to keep in mind is being organized from the start! I learned this the hard way with Tumblr, when I realized I had been tagging some items "photo", some "photography" and some "photos", when one tag would do for all 3. I don't believe Tumblr has the tag search-ability that Evernote does, but the root problem is the same. There's no reason tagging something "expense", "receipt", and "car" (I would use "automotive" ) isn't a bad idea, as long as you do it consistently for all notes that all three tags apply to. After all, you might have some "expense" - "receipt" - "hotel" notes, or some "expense" - "receipt" - "other" notes, or some plain old "receipt" "personal" notes. So being able to pull up just the ones that are automotive expense receipts makes using multiple tags easy. On the other hand, if all you ever do is just keep receipts (but not work expenses) then using the "expense" tag would be silly. Or if you're lucky/unlucky enough to not keep expense records, but you like to image your grocery receipts, expense may not be the tag you need. I personally use tags as searchable definers. I title notes in a more general way that makes for easy alpha-sorting. For instance, I won't title a note "Cleaning whatever", but if I come across a DIY recipe for Vinegar Water, or removing armpit stains, or polishing silver, I'll make sure each note gets tagged "cleaning", while the title will go something like "Vinegar Water - Scented" or "Polishing - Silver". But I'm not going to tag "Vinegar Water - Scented" with the tag "scented" or "water" - because why would I ever be searching for either of those things? Basically, think about what you're going to use EN for. If you need to, write down (that's right, use the good old fashioned paper and pencil!) main categories, sub-categories, etc. that you think you will need for tagging. Make yourself a note (EN or otherwise) to refer to, if needed. This way next time you have a note that contains a receipt for a car expense, you'll know how you've determined how to tag it, and can be consistent every time!
  11. Thanks, that is most helpful! I was playing around with using Skitch as a way to crop and edit images before putting them into an Evernote note as a reference. It seems cumbersome, as the only way I've found to "move" the Skitch image is to copy and paste from the Skitch EN notebook to the note I need it in. If I find a better way to arrange the workflow, I'll be sure to share!
  12. I have a curious question: How many people use Skitch in tandem with Evernote? (and I don't just mean allowing Skitch to have its own Notebook in Evernote) What in particular do you use Skitch for, and how does that integrate in with your system of notes, tags, etc. within EN itself? Are you using Skitch as a supplement, or pulling edited photos in from Skitch to embed within notes? I'm just curious, as I have the Skitch app and have played around with it a little, but haven't bothered to do anything serious with it yet. But I am thinking perhaps there are some nifty ways I haven't thought of yet to use what I create in Skitch within Evernote notes.
  13. Didn't know that even existed! Gave it a look, but I don't think it really meets my needs. Plus, I already have an app for my recipes, "The Recipe Box", and an app for finding local restaurants, "Kekanto", both of which I have set up precisely for my needs. EN Food looks nice, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that project yet.
  14. Hmm, I wasn't aware Notebooks themselves could take 'tags', only the notes themselves. Perhaps this is a difference between OS? I am a Mac operator, and perhaps this is an option in Windows? As far as the rest of your question, I agree with the others - it all depends on how you operate. I will use my most recent experience as an example, but please keep in mind, I am completely new to this (in comparison to most on this forum). SO, one of my little OCD projects is to create and keep a list of wines I buy to add to my "wine cellar", and then make notes on whether I liked the wine or not when I get around to opening the bottle. @Gazumped gave me the brilliant idea of creating a Notebook solely for the purpose of this - which seems so logical when you think about it. This is how I've organized it: each wine gets it's own Note entry within my "wine cellar" notebook, titled "Winery - Grape Type - Sub-Type" (sub-type is for things like "Reserve", "Frisante", etc.) each note gets the obvious tag of "wine" (for those times when I want to scan all notes across all notebooks), as well as a tag for the "type" ("cabsauv", "sauvblanc", "fristante", etc.) so if I one day decide I'm in the mood for a particular wine, I can easily pull up all my notes on that type within the body of the note itself, I insert a photo (because I'm a visual person) and add any other necessary notations With all of that being said, I will probably then add tags of "1", "2", etc. for my rating of the wine, again for ease of pulling up later (say I am making a white sangria, so I don't want to get top of the line, but I want something middle of the road - or I am getting a present for someone, and a wine stands out on the shelf, then I can quickly cross reference to see if I have already tried that wine and what rating I gave it). Why all this tagging for me? Because, as an almost-veteran Tumblr user, I have found tags are essential (for my particular organized mind) in finding old things I have noted. The trick is to tag just enough for what your needs are - over-tagging, the likes you see on Instagram, only leads to needless jumble in your life later on. So in Tumblr I have things organized to such tags as "photography", "tableware", "illustration", "technology", "video", so if I ever go "Oh, there was that thing I posted about a year ago, it was so cool, where is it?" I can find it based on the tag hierarchy. Because EN remembers your tags, this makes adding old tags to new notes easy - even if at first you cannot remember what notation you made ("sauvblanc" for example). So that was my long answer. My short answer is it is completely up to you how you choose to use the tagging feature. Just make sure you're not wasting time now creating tags you will never utilize, and on the other end of the spectrum, make sure you don't have to spend time later tagging old notes just so you can find what you're looking for.
  15. Haha! You can help taste, only if you pay for your plane ticket to Brazil! I am very excited that so many of the Chilean and Argentinian wines are so cheap (~$11USD for a bottle), so this is a great opportunity to follow in my father's footsteps - only he has a giant database of craft beers! Having a way to keep track of them all across multiple devices is a godsend. Oh, and I have decided, my first paycheck will be 'donating' money for the Premium Membership.
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