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  1. I recently updated to the v.7.4 of Evernote. I am running OS 10.13.6 on a 2017 Mac Book Pro. I prefer seeing my notebook notes in the Side List view. Up until now, I only ever had the title field there. With the EN update, it now shows 'Relevance' - though relevant to what when I have nothing in the search field, I don't know - and there is NO OPTION to disable this field. This is driving me crazy, mostly because it takes up extra screen space unnecessarily. Is this a bug? A 'feature'? I've tried adding additional fields and removing them, but the 'Relevance' stays. (Note: I also have v7.4 of Evernote running on a 2010 iMac w/ OS 10.12.6, the same field showed up, with no option to remove, but when I added another field and then removed it, both it and the 'relevance' went away.) Help!
  2. I don't know what everyone is using, but here's what I do. I use an iPad, and have a Mac. I use EN's program Skitch to take photos of items I want to insert into an EN. Then I edit that photo in Skitch to crop it down to only what I need. Then I just copy/paste that Skitch photo into an EN note (or you could simply "move" the note to the notebook of your choice via the desktop app). Skitch stores your photos in a special EN book, if you allow it to, so you're really not creating a lot of additional work for yourself, and you don't need to take extra steps to get the photo into your EN app. Now, that all being said, I'm not sure if the resolution the iPad takes is lesser than however else these photos are being taken. I also have never seen an option to set resolution of the photos the iPad takes - but they are not DSL quality, so it cannot be large. I am not sure EN should offer this feature of resizing, etc. when they already have an app that edits (to a certain extent) and utilizes the EN app - and if you want anything more powerful than that, there are plenty of apps out there to do so. EN isn't an image-centric app, it is an app to keep you organized. (Side note: Unless things have changed since the last time I was on a Window's OS unit, simply 'dragging the corners' doesn't reduce the size of the original image file, but it does affect how it appears in the document. In other words, the link is still to a large file, so it still has to access the large file before it sizes it. It may appear small, but it still takes up the same amount of file space. I don't think this is the best way to reduce file size. )
  3. I think someone else mentioned this, but I'm too lazy to go back and look. If you are making a list that is long enough that you need to have an auto-sort option for your list, why not just create each item in the list as a note, and put all those notes within a particular notebook? This way, you have all the current listing options for notes/notebooks at your disposal, and every time you need to add something from the list (or delete it), everything will be automatically resorted for you. This is what I did with my growing wine list. It makes it so much easier to add new entries, and any quick view of that notebook shows me what I have in alpha order, with no need for copying/pasting/deleting empty rows/etc.
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