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Teaching Evernote to Upper Grade Primary Students


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Hello all,

I currently teach Fourth Grade and I've been toying with the idea of teaching my students how to use Evernote. Get them started early and this way, should they choose, they can carry their EN account with them as they progress in the educational system.

I'm wondering if anybody's tried this and have any luck?

The one challenge I could see is that an email is required which means my students would have to sign up for some email system (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) first. I would probably need parental permission to get the kids signed up (although I know that some of my students already have email accounts).

If anybody has tried this and/or know of links to blogs, etc. where I might find more information, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks much!


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I'm not sure about your email account questions, but I used Evernote in my 8th grade classroom. Here's a link to a post from earlier this year as I had my students set-up their accounts. It may be what you're looking for. I hope this helps.


Jordan Collier


This could not be more perfect! I'm very grateful you took the time to respond and your blog/site is going to be extremely helpful. Thanks very much for it!

Have a great weekend,


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Thanks for the tips and suggestions.  I too teach 4th grade and would like to introduce my students to Evernote.  I just heard that our district already has google id's set up for all of our students so I need to look into that and then I can go from there.  I want to show them how to use it for online journaling.  They can do their journal entries online and then share them with me electronically.  


Have been doing it myself and really enjoyed it, so I think they will enjoy it as well.  Many of my students are very low income and do not have access to email or computers at home but we have plenty of opportunities at school to expose them to it.

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Thanks for all these ideas.


I am a 5th grade teacher and have been using Evernote in my classroom for the past year. I haven't used them as public e-portfolios, due to the e-mail restriction. Instead, I use Schoology.com as a hub to post shared notebook links for my students. Even though these are technically public links, only students have access to my Schoology page to access the links. These notebooks include any chapter-specific resources, notes in class, etc. 


Instead of going through the process of creating student Evernote accounts, getting parent permission for e-mail/Evernote registration, etc., instead, I will casually take pictures/drag files of student work into the student-specific Evernote notebooks. This helps for accumulating work samples for meetings/progress monitoring. Next year, I plan on teaching my students to select pieces for their portfolio by scanning it into our classroom computer. I will also share their personal link with them via Schoology, so that they do not need to create an Evernote account.

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I would also second the recommendation of using Schoology. It is a safe way to tie your Evernote links and notes into a safe online space. It is free for educators. Let me know if any of you would like support with getting a school-wide implementation running, we are just finishing the enterprise process (we linked GAFE, PowerSchool, and Evernote through Schoology). 


There are some good ideas in this thread, there are just a couple things I want to draw your attention to:


1) When creating Evernote accounts, we council students, staff, and teachers to setup their accounts under a personal email account. We are a Google Apps School, but we want to ensure that students can use what they create after they leave the school - normally their email account would be deleted from the school system after a year. 


2) Parent permission at these levels is vital. ***** and COPPA will both be factors in how you authorize students to use Evernote. We include Evernote in our school information release letter (message me if you want to see a copy). All parents and students are required to sign the letter acknowledging that we will post pictures and information online - but will still make every effort to protect the students identity. We tell students to never post "public" notes or notebooks. In the upper grades, we use a lot of features that we simply cannot allow younger students access to (a.k.a. Evernote Blogs) in order to comply with the federal regulations.


If you have questions about the Legal side please reach out and message me. You do not want to get in a situation that could lead to problems down the road. 


NOTE: after hitting Publish, I noticed that the acronym for the Children's Internet Protection Act was starred out - which you can see next to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act in number 2 above (I am guessing it was identified as Profanity and was censored - made me smile a bit)...

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