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  1. Hello! I wanted to chime in (Sorry for the late post, I have been on vacation) with a program that might simplify your workflow for blogging. My primary blog is wordpress, and I cannot seem to find a nice way to get Evernote into it. Your idea of exporting using emacs to HTML is a good one, but I still think that it may have some problems in the long run (formatting, excess code reducing page speed, etc.). Now there are ways to mitigate the problems that emacs may bring in, but there is another solution as well and it is one that is backed by Evernote: Postach.io. I have a Postach.io blog that is listed as a sub-domain on my primary wordpress site (which you can setup fairly easily by editing your site dns). What Postach.io does is communicate directly with Evernote and post articles based upon the notebook and tags you associate with a note. For example: I have a "Public Blog" notebook in Evernote that is tied to my Postach.io site. When I add a note to that notebook, it essentially becomes a draft blog post. If I tag that note with "published" the note will appear - in a matter of seconds - on the live version of my blog. Postach.io reads markdown within notes if you want to add some styling to the system. Basically this would simplify the "Export to HTML" part of your workflow, allowing you to publish directly to your blog from within Evernote. You can create one blog for free on Postach.io. Give it a try and see if it can work for you. For an example of how we use Postach.io in the Classroom, you can see this blog post, or to see my Travel Postach.io Blog (as an example, click here).
  2. I have looked at CloudHQ but we actually chose to move away from them... because of the cost. We found a number of free services that allow us to do the same thing that you can find on CloudHQ, and even get more out of Evernote. We just had Evernote out to Visit at our school and we talked a lot about using a platform called Schoology with our students. Schoology is free for educators (but can be rather pricy for the enterprise version for schools and districts - shoot me a message if you have questions) and offers a great amount of flexibility for teachers. Basically, we can add Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Turnitin, KhanAcademy, Remind101, Pixton, etc. documents directly into our course websites and gradebooks. For a free service, Schoology allows you to create an ecosystem of technology that you can use in the classroom. Then when you factor in Postach.io to create Blogs from your Evernote Notebooks and using IFTTT to automate Google to Evernote connections, you can have a remarkably robust workflow. Here is how I do it (for my Coding for Beginners Class): 1. Create a Google Event in my Calendar Titled (Free): Coding for Beginners Class @EN 2. Create a Notebook in my Evernote Titled (Free): Course - Coding for Beginners 3. Using the IFTTT Recipe, I auto-generate Class Notes several days before class - for planning (Free). 4. In Evernote, I work on my lesson plan and post it to my Postach.io blog for my students to reference (Postach.io is free for your first blog and $5/ month for the premium version) 5. The Day of Class, I use Schoology (Free) to share the assignment with my students (which will send them an announcement and add it to my gradebook). 6. When I walk into class, I fire up Evernote and present the same note to my students (requires Premium). Total Cost: Free (for one Blog on Postach.io, and if you already have premium to present) Just to sum it all up, I used my calendar to create a note which I turned into a blog. I then shared with that note with my students in our LMS and Presented it to them in class - all with Evernote... what more could you need...
  3. One of the big drawbacks (in my humble opinion) of using Evernote in Computer Science is the inability to easily save programming code. That is a round about way of saying that Coda 2 is a coding software package from Panic Software. It will export - with the plugin I mentioned - most of the Web programming languages directly into Evernote notebooks, and it is the only nice way to do it. There have been other teams that have tried at getting programming languages to display correctly in Evernote (like evercode for example) but they have had little success. I would second what was said earlier, get a livescribe pen, or use penultimate, or get an Evernote notebook to record the majority of your notes. As a CS major, you will have a lot of Math and Programming that you will have to learn - two areas where Evernote is weaker for documentation.
  4. Hey, are you a Mac or PC user? I have used a bunch of Coding Suites in my time, but being a Mac (at work) user I tend to do all of my Coding with Coda2 from Panic. That being said, Evernote is one of the most important additions to my coding life because of this one simple plugin: http://ngs.github.io/evernote-codaplugin/ Basically I can clip code directly into Evernote. I just wish that there were other programs what would work for the PC or for other coding suites...
  5. I would also second the recommendation of using Schoology. It is a safe way to tie your Evernote links and notes into a safe online space. It is free for educators. Let me know if any of you would like support with getting a school-wide implementation running, we are just finishing the enterprise process (we linked GAFE, PowerSchool, and Evernote through Schoology). There are some good ideas in this thread, there are just a couple things I want to draw your attention to: 1) When creating Evernote accounts, we council students, staff, and teachers to setup their accounts under a personal email account. We are a Google Apps School, but we want to ensure that students can use what they create after they leave the school - normally their email account would be deleted from the school system after a year. 2) Parent permission at these levels is vital. ***** and COPPA will both be factors in how you authorize students to use Evernote. We include Evernote in our school information release letter (message me if you want to see a copy). All parents and students are required to sign the letter acknowledging that we will post pictures and information online - but will still make every effort to protect the students identity. We tell students to never post "public" notes or notebooks. In the upper grades, we use a lot of features that we simply cannot allow younger students access to (a.k.a. Evernote Blogs) in order to comply with the federal regulations. If you have questions about the Legal side please reach out and message me. You do not want to get in a situation that could lead to problems down the road. NOTE: after hitting Publish, I noticed that the acronym for the Children's Internet Protection Act was starred out - which you can see next to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act in number 2 above (I am guessing it was identified as Profanity and was censored - made me smile a bit)...
  6. I agree with Candice. Put your questions up and I am sure that one of us who follows the community will try to help. Teaching and learning is teaching and learning. We all have the same goals.
  7. Hello Roger! Our teachers run into the same issue. Here is what we do: 1) Have the teacher create a Master Tag: we use Homework or FromStudents as the master (I tend to use: Unused). To create it, just tag a note with it. 2) In the Tag View on the Mac Client, drag and drop all of the Unwanted Tags from Students into that "Master Tag." All of the tags will be in the list, but they will all be hidden when you go to tag view - or at least they will be collapsable. Interestingly, we council people to do the same with Notebook Stacks, create an Unused stack so that you can collapse the notebooks you do not want displayed. This is a workaround that mostly helps with the tag display. You will still see some decreased functionality as a result of this method: autofill on tags will still use them all, etc. We went school-wide, and have had great success, but with Students, Teachers, and Admins all using tags it gets cluttered. We also council teachers and admins to keep only the notebooks they need. When students leave your class/program, remove yourself from their notebooks to decrease the clutter. Hope this helps!
  8. Hello! We often have issues with students using multiple devices. This is the list of troubleshooting steps that we go through to help students: 1) On the device you took the notes: force sync the device (on the iPad it is a "refresh" circle at the top of the screen). If there is an issue with this sync, log out and log back in. 2) Check the Evernote.com web service, this will tell you if the notes made it to the Evernote Server. You can do that by going to Evernote.com and logging into your account. 3) On the device you want the notes on (Evernote PC) force it to sync. If an error comes up, or you simply do not see the note that was on your device, and on your evernote.com server, log out of the PC Client and log in again (we occasionally have sync errors on the Mac when the client updates which causes it to not recognize the user - we can tell if this error is occurring if there is no "username" in the account). Hope that helps...
  9. Okay, this issue is a big one for some. As an Admin and IT Director, I am going to wade in... @GoodSpeech: Great workflow - having students email teachers their work (to the Evernote email address) with the correct tags is brilliant! Will definitely pitch that to my teachers this semester... @Candid: Good points, our IT Department expends considerable resources to monitor our network and what sites are being trafficked. Our monitoring allows us to block any inappropriate sites and systems that circumvent our firewalls (aka. proxies). Even though we monitor, if students want to do something on our network, they will find a way to do it - no matter what security we have in place. From my Admin perspective, you simply cannot block everything, and you lose a lot of educational value if you do. Our district adopted the modified Respectful Use Policy created by the International Society for Technology in Education and we use that policy if we need to have some very difficult discussions with students and parents. As a school, we setup and monitor our systems to ensure that the students did not get inappropriate materials while they were at school (to the best of our ability). With using the internet comes some inherent responsibility and it is important to make sure that our young people are acting responsibly. Now, that being said, it is possible for a student to send inappropriate pictures and files to themselves in an Evernote notebook - just like it is possible for any adult to have an inappropriate Evernote notebook. If that "Private" notebook remains "Private" we would never know that it exists - essentially, no harm, no foul. If that material does make an appearance in the school, we treat it as a violation of our school policies and immediately take disciplinary action. We would follow the same set of actions if a student brought in their personal laptop and showed inappropriate videos during school time. Legal precedent would tend to support that students can be disciplined for inappropriate materials that they bring into school (based upon Tinker v. DesMoines (1969) and Morse v. Frederick (2007) - for legal issues, always consult the Principal, the Superintendent, the School Lawyer, and the School Board if you have to - don't climb a tree when your students are holding axes...). This issue is a can of worms and it really depends on what your Admins and IT Staff are willing to do. I have worked with IT Departments that refuse to do anything that can possibly have negative consequences - and I have worked with others that prefer to put the ownership and responsibility on the students. It really does depend on what systems and policies you have in place.
  10. So, coming from the teacher side here. You do not need a "School Subscription" for this to work. All you need is what we call a "Teacher Account" or one Premium account. Here is how I would set it up. 1. Get premium for yourself. It is not that expensive last time I checked (less than $50/year). 2. Share a note with your students - so that it comes from your account... (it could be individual notes for each student, or for each class, or each project / assignment). 3. Have the students add the audio from their iPads like usual, but just insert it on the note that you have shared. That should increase the upload limit from 60mb to 1gp per month...
  11. Hey Karen - we have been using "Live Minutes" to do real time editing of Evernote Documents with students. The workflow that we have for e-portfolios with students uses a different trunk application - Postach.io. Our teachers create a "Live Minutes" workspace for each class. Then they instruct all of their students in how to use Postach.io to setup portfolio blogs from Evernote. When the students have a working Portfolio Blog, they add the URL of that site to the teachers Live Minutes page. Seems to work pretty well so far. It helps to keep the Evernote space decluttered.
  12. Hey again Roy... I just created a couple of options within trial notes to see what was going on. I am using premium just incase there are compatibility problems. It really depends on what you want to do with the movie. From the application (OSX Version), I can attach a simple .mov file and play it in the built in player (by clicking the eye icon on the file). The Movie also works from presentation mode on the note... You may just need to click on the video file to get the option to play it, but it does load up in a nice player during the presentation. On my iPad Mini, I can load the note with a sample .mov file (that I got from apples website of trial videos). I am then asked "Tap to Download" the movie on my iPad. When I do that, the movie starts to download and plays almost immediately after completion. I have the trial from Apple and your .mov on the same note which you can find here. The apple note plays just fine, but the one you sent seems odd so I tried them on my iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and iMac. The one you sent is really small and only plays for a couple of seconds... could it be something with your video file? FYI: We have been playing around with embedding iframes of youtube videos within postach.io blogs, and that seems to be its own can of worms... (the code is on that same note, which is why I mention it...)
  13. Hey Roy, In doing our trainings, we have had teachers ask the same question. Here is our "best practice" that we give to teachers: 1. Create the notes of titles that you want (stick with project names - static note titles - not something you will want to change every week). 2. Select the notes that you created for your course and click "Create Table of Contents Note" (see pic below) 3. Once you have the notes titled, and have created a "Table of Contents," we recommend that you modify that list (see the image below). FYI: The links are dynamic in that if a user retitles the notes, they will remain the same on the Table of Contents (i.e. renaming Trial3 to Trial4 after the link was created, when the user clicks on Trial3 they will get directed to the newly named Trial4). Does that help? EDIT: Once the note is created for a table of contents, I just tried to copy it to another notebook and rename it... All of the links still work... So basically, think of making notes for resources and editing the "table of contents" as your resource binder with links to all of your other notes. Then you can modify that note every semester or copy it to other notebooks for each course...
  14. Hello Evernoters! It is wonderful to see how many educators are using Evernote in their Classrooms. You all have added great portfolio resources over the past few months! I am the Technology Coordinator for an International School in South Korea and in that role, I have the ability to help shape our school policy. We just got the approval to go "school-wide" with E(vernote)-Portfolios. My team and I are designing a number of resources for student/teacher/administrator/counselor use. We just started, but we are hopeful that we will have some things up soon (since there are six of us). First and foremost, our team found Portfolios for Student Growth and started using their documentation to create our user guides (with permission of course). We will continually post resources on this forum, and you can find all of the resources and documents through my personal website (until our school Technology Site is up and running). Since we are just getting going, we will try to capture as much of the startup process as we can to provide a guide for everyone else who is going through the process. Much to my chagrin, I have found that very little free information currently exists for a school-wide distribution of Evernote as an E-Portfolio Platform. We have to build momentum! Being a consultant, I understand that sometimes you have a great idea that can turn a profit, but to start the momentum, we have to get users! In that vein, everything that we create for this school-wide Evernote E-Portfolio program will be posted for free for everyone. Get them into the hands of your administrators and get some school-wide pilots going! If you have gone “school-wide” and have some useful tips, reply to this thread so that we don't all step in the same mess. Just for reference, we are using Evernote in conjunction with Google Apps for Education, PowerSchool, and Schoology. We use 1-to-1 Macbooks (grades 5-12) and 1-to-1 iPads (grades 2-5). One of the integral components of our E-Portfolio system is using Evernote Moleskine Notebooks school-wide. Evernote is helping us place a bulk order and get our kids using them, we will let you know how it turns out. If you are interested in how all of these things play well together, shoot me an email or message on the forum and we can chat. The first document that we created (attached) outlines how we are going to design our E-Portfolio system (based upon Portfolios for Student Growth) with Evernote Notebooks and postach.io blogs. Technically speaking, the attached is the portfolio overview that we will be giving to teachers as we begin the process of integrating Evernote. Happy Note-taking! Shoot us an email if you have questions! Student Portfolio Overview.pdf
  15. Cough, Cough... the functionality is there... Your point about integration is correct, the more we can integrate, the better we can support students. My School is just now transitioning to a systems-based approach to student learning. In that vein, we are moving to Evernote in conjunction with Google Apps and Schoology. Since we also use PowerSchool, all of our student information is consolidated using the Schoology Platform. Here is how we break it up: 1. Evernote - Notetaking/Organization/E-Portfolios 2. Google Apps - Email and Document Sharing 3. PowerSchool - School Information System (Gradebooks/Attendance) 4. Schoology - Social Learning Platform (LMS) and our main portal to access all other services It is working pretty well so far! When you say you want more integration, what do you mean exactly?
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