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  1. Hi Rob and thanks for answering. Yes, I've stumbled upon the article. A lot of good information and I'll definitely take it into consideration. I appreciate your input.
  2. I believe this is related. How do I go about STOP sharing a notebook (I'm running Windows). I right-click on the notebook and see NO option to stop sharing. All I see is "Share notebook" which doesn't help me.
  3. Deleting is possible - the individual notes go to the trash, but the notebook name will no longer be associated with the notes. If the trashed note is restored, it is put into the default notebook. Archiving is a bit more difficult, but could be achieved by exporting Ah, thanks for the clarification. In exporting, would a teacher export each notebook individually? So then each student would have his/her own file? And in what format?
  4. There are many ways to use Evernote to suit each user. Individual student PDF's are the way to go, and could be effective if the program is limited to students' performances. But dragging information into students' individual folders (Notebooks) presents am unintended problem. The same sort of problem would occur if a company decided to set up individual notebooks for all their customers. Evernote has an upper limit of 250 Notebooks. (yes, it might be increased sometime in the future) Considering the variety of topics, issues and tasks that Evernote can handle, that 250 limit will be reached quickly if an individual notebook is allocated to each student, with new students arriving each year. I'm wondering if perhaps Jordan (and others who may also use his system) only have the notebooks the entire year and then delete/archive them? (Not even sure if there is a way to archive notebooks).
  5. Jordan, This could not be more perfect! I'm very grateful you took the time to respond and your blog/site is going to be extremely helpful. Thanks very much for it! Have a great weekend, Ted
  6. Hi Jbignert, Yes...that does help me understand. I thank you for taking time to respond and explain it to me. Have a great day! Ted
  7. Hello all, I did attempt a search for this information and checked out numerous YouTube videos, but could not find the answer. If I clip a full web page to my notebook... in the event that the website hosting that web page goes down (no longer exists), do I also loose the note? I understand that any HTML links within the note would possibly not work (if those links linked to other pages on that site), but what about the basic contents of the note? Sorry if this is a basic question... just curious. Thanks! Ted
  8. Hello all, I currently teach Fourth Grade and I've been toying with the idea of teaching my students how to use Evernote. Get them started early and this way, should they choose, they can carry their EN account with them as they progress in the educational system. I'm wondering if anybody's tried this and have any luck? The one challenge I could see is that an email is required which means my students would have to sign up for some email system (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) first. I would probably need parental permission to get the kids signed up (although I know that some of my students already have email accounts). If anybody has tried this and/or know of links to blogs, etc. where I might find more information, I'd be very grateful. Thanks much! Ted
  9. That's good to hear... as I'll very much look forward to using it on my Windows computer. Thanks for the reference, BurgersNFries.
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