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  1. That's wonderful! Thanks so much, Chris, for taking the time to test it and helping me out!
  2. Hello all, I'm a teacher who wants to share a class notebook with his students (each has a free EN account). I have all of their email addresses, but curious if EN allows to share with a GROUP email address? (For example, I create a group of my students (with each email address in the group)) or must I enter each email address individually? I don't mind doing that, but I just thought perhaps there's a quicker way to send things to my class any time I want to share something particular. Thanks for any advice or suggestions. Much appreciated! Ted
  3. Well, I took your advice and submitted a report and included the image I posted in the original post. I haven't tried reproducing it, but I have tried a few times. Also, I haven't tried it with another platform (I'm using Windows). Again, thanks for your suggestion and if/when the developers reply, I'll report back their findings in the event somebody else experiences this.
  4. I'll do that. I apologize for bumping. Thanks for your advice, Jeff.
  5. Bumping in the hopes that somebody has experience with tables and can offer some assistance.
  6. Hello all, I've been trying to create a table where I might insert files attachments so as to get around the problem that Evernote currently has with sharing such notes on the web. (Problem in formatting). Here's my problem: As you can see, I can insert files in certain cells, but for some reason, when I go to insert the files in the cells designated with the red arrows), nothing happens. No error. No appearance of the files, nothing. Wondering if anybody can help shed some light on what possibly might be wrong. Thanks for any guidance!
  7. Gazumped is definitely one of the good guys on this forum! Always with a respectful, non-condescending tone.
  8. Just wanted to thank you for this tip...it's a good one!
  9. I think an account code would suffice, and as you say, Gazumped... should the need arise, Evernote could assist in helping legal authorities. I think I'll just have to copy the note and share it from my "teacher" account. And if I'm worried about the space only allotted to free accounts, if I must, I could always make my teacher account also a premium account. Yes, it's another $45, but I guess for me not having my students' families know my Evernote personal user name is worth that. I guess it all depends on what's important to me.
  10. Hi Rob and thanks for answering. Yes, I've stumbled upon the article. A lot of good information and I'll definitely take it into consideration. I appreciate your input.
  11. Hello all, First off, thanks to Gazumped for his help. Secondly, I've managed to do the following: 1. Figure out how to share from my personal (PREMIUM) account to my free (teacher) account. However, when my free (teacher) account gets a link from the JOINED notebook and shares it...it still says "share from <PREMIUM>" So, I'm guessing I have to: 1. Doing all this with my free (teacher) account: 2. Copy the note from the personal (PREMIUM) account. 3. Deposit it into a notebook that is in the free (teacher) account 4. THEN share it and get the link? Is that correct? Or is there some other way to do it? Maybe I should explain what I'm attempting: I want to create lesson plans with Evernote I want to be able to attach handout files, etc. to the lesson plans. I want to be able to share the link to the note (via URL) on my class webpage so parents can have the information and the resources I want to do this without the parents knowing my personal Evernote user name (thus the reason I created a 2nd account) Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!
  12. Thanks so much for your help, Scott. Off to check your Evernote Help Notebook.
  13. Thanks for chiming in, Scott. Much appreciated! Actually, I figured NOT to use the same link...but for some odd reason, I was still having the issue. Interesting about different browsers. Would that work with different tabs of the same browser? Or would Evernote not like that?
  14. Ok this seemed to work. I think when I FIRST invited my free account...but was NOT on the free account when I clicked "JOIN" (from the email) it somehow flubbed it up. Because now I see permissions on top. I was seeing a blue notebook which lead me to believe that it was shared.
  15. That's okay, Gazumped...at least you're the one person who at least tries to help. Thanks very much for that. I'm in Chat and she has no idea what to do. I'm starting to wonder why I signed up for Premium. I tried again to INVITE the free account. I signed ON with my free account...when I click "Open shared notebook" I get: ""Oops... Shared notebook assigned to another account. This shared notebook is assigned to antoher user. Contact the ntebook owner to obtain an invitation.""I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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