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  1. Thanks for all these ideas. I am a 5th grade teacher and have been using Evernote in my classroom for the past year. I haven't used them as public e-portfolios, due to the e-mail restriction. Instead, I use Schoology.com as a hub to post shared notebook links for my students. Even though these are technically public links, only students have access to my Schoology page to access the links. These notebooks include any chapter-specific resources, notes in class, etc. Instead of going through the process of creating student Evernote accounts, getting parent permission for e-mail/Evernote registration, etc., instead, I will casually take pictures/drag files of student work into the student-specific Evernote notebooks. This helps for accumulating work samples for meetings/progress monitoring. Next year, I plan on teaching my students to select pieces for their portfolio by scanning it into our classroom computer. I will also share their personal link with them via Schoology, so that they do not need to create an Evernote account.
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