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(Archived) Mapping Evernote As a Drive

Erick Esca

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Has anyone at Evernote ever considered the ability to allow a drive to be mapped as Evernote? I know it's probably complicated, but I would love it.

I ask because it's the ONLY thing keeping me from turning my entire company over to using evernote.

We send so many emails with attachments using a specific collab email system, (we are a printing/digital design business) and I can't drag and drop images from Evernote to the email. I have to save it to a drive, then select THAT file as an attachement. If I could simply drag an image from evernote into my email, my life would be complete.

"Why not just use a server instead?" you might be asking. Well, we do-- but evernote is such a searchable, taggable, easier way to quickly pull up and share information, it beats out any organization I can get out of windows explorer. Also, I like the idea of it going to the cloud.

We send customers proofs, invoices, quotes, and images all day long. I would love to store our job notes/images on evernote as an interactive note that can be changed/added to by any of my employees.

Otherwise, yeah-- I love Evernote. I use it all day long to create email scripts, save pricing information, documents, share specific color charts with customers and much more. Love it.

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Just out of curiousity, when you drag a file/image from evernote into another program, is that a Windows function? I seem to be able to drag a whole of stuff IN Evernote, just not OUT.

Generally speaking, Windows supplies an API -- or better still, a framework -- whereby a program can support drag'n'drop operations. But it's up to the program to to use the framework to actually implement those operations -- you generally don't get them for free.

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Try to search the Net with this phrase: How to develop a virtual disk for Windows. You should easily find nice articles that can give you more insight in this area. All in all you need to create device driver that would be presented as a new disk and instead writing to a real disk it would read/write data to Evernote. Not mission impossible but not something that even advanced developers are doing.

Forget not that this is only part of the story. If this is common functionality (at least for desktop OS) one needs to maintain code fro Mac OS, Linux...


In order to put a picture or attached file located in Evernote to mail client you can use copy/paste. I am not sure why you have to put it in the file system first.


Do not let that lack of "Evernote:" stops you from turning your company over to EN.

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Good point. And creating a device driver that would interact reliably with a socket in the case of the Cloud API that doesn't blue screen the computer, or create weird operational delays, is an even more difficult prospect.

-- roschler

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Erick Esca,

Evernote is supposed to allow you to drag attachment out to any program that supports dropped flies, however it looks like this functionality is currently broken and you can only drag attachments out to desktop. We're looking into this issue.

BTW, you can simulate write only Evernote drive functionality by defining an Import Folder (see Tools/Import Folders) and mapping this folder to a drive with SUBST command, like this:

md C:\Evernote\Import

subst E: C:\Evernote\Import

After that everything you save on drive E: will be aumotatically imported into Evernote.


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