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Drag Attachment From Email



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On my Mac I found I could open the attachment in evernote by right clicking on it and selecting open with evernote.  This opened it up into a new note within evernote.  Hope this helps.  


Addendum:  This only worked for my pdf files.  for word and powerpoint files I had to drag them to my desktop and then drag them to evernote. then go and move the desktop version to trash.  Kind of clunky but got the job done.

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So... What is the current status with this "drag attachments from Mac Mail directly into Evernote" ? 


It still is not working. Saving a PDF FIle or any attachment to the desktop first to then drag and drop it can just not be the solution. Also it does not make sense for every email to forward it  directly to Evernote and then get rid of everything you don't need in it manually.


Both of these work arounds could be done once or twice but is just not working. Also since the mouse cursor shows the + sign for a normal drag and drop action it gives kind of a false sense of security. If you don't remember that this feature is broken you might just move on with the next task without the attachment in EN.


The drag and drop on OS X from Mac Mail has never worked for me....


Please fix this.



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That issue still isn't solved. Have to create a new note in Evernote by dragging it to the middle bar and it creates a new note. But I cannot drag several attachments to one note without creating a new one each time and then cut and paste into the note, where I want to have the attachments. Very annoying. Any help there? Using Version 5.0.7 (400993) on 10.8.3. with Mail Version 6.3 (1503).

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I used to be able to drag an email from Mac Mail onto the Evernote icon on the dock and it would create an Evernote Note which was conveniently linked back to the original email.  This was HUGELY helpful.  For the past several weeks it doesn't work anymore.  Anyone know why that doesn't work and if I can fix it somehow?  Was this deliberately changed in Evernote?

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