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(Archived) Emailing to Evernote Help


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I just ran a test and it worked for me, but I had to add a tag as well

Notebook name: note book

Email subject: This is a test @note book #family

The email showed up in my Evernote account in the correct notebook with the correct tag.

All my two word Notebooks have a hyphen. This avoids the need for quotation marks when running searches, and as a side benefit avoids the problem you mentioned if the #tag is not included.

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i have a Microsoft outlook account at work where i've compiled several emails in
a folder related to research idea, websites, etc. I'm wanting to move that
entire folder over to endnote. The only way i thought it would be possible to
do it would be to forward all those emails to my new evernote account but i
can't figure out what the address is for my account.




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The address for your account was sent to you when you registered for the account. You can also get it by going to your account page. In the Windows client, select Help / Go to My Account Page. In the web client, click on your user name at the far right top of the page, and select Settings. Other clients will have their own methods of getting you there.

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Hi Amo,


As Jeff says your email address is easy to get.


Simple way in Evernote is 'Tools', 'Account Info' and it is there at the top of the page. You can right click and copy it for use in the following process.


If you are not into setting up a 'Quick Step' in Outlook, hopefully this will help:


I am going to assume you have a Notebook called 'Inbox'

Select Home

Quick Step is in the middle, click on down arrow right hand side of the box to reveal 'Create New'

Give a name to this action such as 'Evernote Inbox' (Remember you can have a number of these actions so you will need to give them relevant names)

Select down arrow to the right of 'Choose Action' and scroll down to 'Respond' and select 'Forward'

In the 'To' field paste your Evernote email address from location as described above.

Click 'Show Options'

After 'Subject: Fw:<subject> add the name of the Notebook you want your emails to be forwarded to. (As suggested at the start this will be your Notebook called 'Inbox')

So the field Subject will now have this in it: <subject>@Inbox


Next bit depends on what you want to do with your email in Outlook after it has been forwarded to Evernote. I will assume you want to send it to a folder in Outlook called 'Archive'

Select 'Add Action' (lower down on the left)

Then click on the down arrow to the right of 'Choose An Action'

Select 'Move to a folder'

Select 'Choose folder'

Select the 'Archive' folder which will need to have been created in Outlook before getting to this stage.

Click Finish


That is all there is to it.



Now just go to the location you have all of the emails you want to forward to Evernote. Highlight the email, click the new 'Quick Step' called 'Evernote Inbox'

If everything is fine just send the email, which will turn up soon after in your Notebook called 'Inbox' and your email will be moved to your Outlook 'Archive' folder.


Having done this once, you will realise just how easy it is and make various Quick Steps for specific emails.


As mentioned previously the only extra thing I do, currently manually after clicking on the 'Quick Step' is to add the date code at the start of the email title so today it would be:

130418 - 'email title'@Inbox


Hope that helps


Best regards



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