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  1. I just started using Evernote Web because I bought a Chromebook for when I am sitting on the couch and don't want to use a bulk laptop. This suggest was actually really fast (faster than using the desktop version and copying a note to another folder). I use templates pretty often and need this functionality from time to time. Hopefully, EN will get this feature on the web, but until then thanks for the suggestion.
  2. When I read this it sounded more like "Me Angry.... Me post in forum and let people know me angry. Me make point and hammer desk with fist while me type, then people know me angry!!!!!" If I were any of these kind people that tried to help with your problem, I would have passed your post right on by..... You people need to stop pontificating in the forum and just ask questions and wait for help. Your post is full of meaningless insults and company bashing that is completely ridiculous. Does it make you feel good that when I read this I laughed....
  3. This is really cool, I have only just started using it, but it s much easier then copying and pasting from an external source. Unfortunately, I don't use a web interface very often, but If you made this into a windows right-click menu option I would be pretty excited.
  4. Did you remember to restart Chrome or Safari? I had this problem until I restarted...
  5. I don't see any difference. Markup still doesn't do anything. Did we do something to make you guys at Evernote angry with the beta people? Are we being punished?
  6. I am currently using a moto xoom with 'Next Browser'. It has a great evernote clipper extension and the screenshot extension can be used to load into evernote or skitch. Don't sped a ton on apple when you get a better product for less elsewhere.
  7. It is always refreshing to see people jump right into pissed off about something they clearly don't understand. I say, do some research and ask some questions before you get all preachy and angry...
  8. I am betting money that he didn't delete it. I bet he is using it right now.... Yeah, you know you are....
  9. Were you in the group Kris Kross, cause you are the Mac Daddy? This has solved a setup problem that I have had with EN since day 1. Thanks a TON!!!
  10. Okay, see if you can answer this. I have the middle list and the left notebook list off. I use the drop-down list at the top to navigate notebooks, but I don't see an option to view "All-Notebooks" such as it begins as default. http://www.evernote.com/shard/s92/sh/52df79f0-2cc4-401e-8a5e-7551d283f3d0/e003ea1ed4629af4c53d52ce22dc507c Any idea?
  11. Holy *****!!! That's what I've been looking for! You are stupendous.
  12. Is it possible to get the note list view in the middle of the window similar to the snippet, or is that not a feature. If not, FEATURE REQUEST
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