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(Archived) Display notes of a specific notebook on the map missing?!


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Evernote Staff and Evernote users

On the previous version of Evernote for iOs I could go to a notebook and view the notes displayed on the map

Now there is the Places bar but I can't find out how to filter notebooks as it is displaying all notes from all notebooks

Please tell me I am missing something and that it's not a feature that was dropped by Evernote

I had a specific Notebook with geotagged pictues/notes that helped me remember specific events. I wish to see that notebook on places and not every single note I ever added to my evernote account

Thanks for you attention!

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Evernote developers!

Just installed version 5.0 for iphone.

Great product! Love it!

But this problem is a show-stopper for us.

I have many notebooks with geotaged notes.

The way we work - we need to see the notes from a specific notebook ONLY displayed on the map, NOT ALL hundreds of notes from all notebooks.

Also when we use tags/searches, we need to see only notes with a specific tag/search displayed on the map!

This worked in all previous versions, but removed from 5.0.

Is it an oversight?

I had to revert to 4.4.

All great new interface can't replace the lost functionality!

Please bring it back!

Many thanks.

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Would you consider a solution on iPhone? There is an Evernote third party APP called GoLater, but you need to input geo tag with g:/address for each note.

It will look like http://www.flickr.com/photos/90390533@N04/10471227975/   (Map of Customer Notebook for example)

GoLater can show you the map of a single notebook, all notebooks you selected to sync GoLater(not necessary all notebooks in Evernote), and trip map for those notes selected into a trip plan. 

This is a free APP, you can download it at APP Store

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